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Articles of Marriage concluded and agreed upon by & betwixt Jon Looney for and in behalf of his daughter Issable, on the one part: And Pattrick Kewley for and in behalf of himself on the other pt. as followeth.

Imprimis. It is agreed that the sd. Pattrick Kewley and Issable Looney shall enter into the holy State of Matrimony, God and his Church permitting.

2dly. It is agreed that the sd John Looney Wth ye assent and consent of his daughters, Alice and Katherine Looney to whom all his Lands are due by the death of their mother do give unto his forsd daughter, and the sd Pattrick Kewley all his sd Lands and Houses as Heirships, the sd Issable Looney and Pattrick Kewley giving and paying into the foresd. Alice and Katherine Looney, ten shillings betwixt them in full of their pt. and Intrest in and of the said Lands and Houses ; provided that if the sd Issable depart this life without Lawfull Issue to inherit the sd Lands that then the sd. Lands is to return to the next daughter in the nature of Heirship, and she to pay five shillings to the fores’. Pattrick Kewley and his Extrs. And so the foresd. Lands and Houses are to descend for the future as Heirship according to the Custom of this Isle.

3d1. It is agreed upon that if either of the young couple dept. this life within a year and a day, without Lawfull Issue, then the Survivor is to have and enjoy twenty shillings out of the decdts. pt. of goods, besides what else they please to leave to one another in their last will and testamt.

Lastly,’ for the performance of all which the afores’. partys have bound themselves their Heirs and Extr. to one another in ye penalty of —pounds in nature of all ffinds. As wittness these subscriptions ye 17 of October 1699.

Witnesses here unto

Sill McylXt. Joe. Looney his m
Patt : Crellin Issable Loonev her m.
Jon Kenagh Alice Looney her m.
Phillip Kenagh Katherine Looney her m".
Tho : Kewley Pattrick Kewley his m’.


John Looney, the father of the bride, owned the Rhenny in the Curragh Glass in Kirk German; the bridegroom owned Airey Lhane, as his grandfather, Nicholas Kewley, did before him.

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