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This is the last will and testament of me Anne Betham Spinster now residing in the Town of Douglas in the Isle of Man.

I bequeath to my niece Frances Bligh the sum of Twenty Pounds British and to her sister Jane Bligh the sum of Twenty Pounds British.

I bequeath to my grandniece Elizabeth Barker my gold watch and seal and to her sister Mary Barker the sum of Twenty Pounds British.

I bequeath to Mrs. Senhouse Wilson the sum of Twenty Pounds British.

I bequeath to Mrs. Mark Quayle the sum of ten Pounds British. Also all my Lace.

I bequeath to Miss Margaret Cullen [Crellin ?] the sum of Ten Pounds British, also my silver watch.

I bequeath to Mrs. John Grave (Post Mistress in Douglas), the sum of Ten Pounds British.

I bequeath to my Servant Elizabeth Lewin if she is in my service at the time of my decease the sum of five pounds British, also my printed cotton gowns and common wearing apparel, and a suit of Mourning.

I bequeath to Miss Eleanor Wilson and to her Sister Margaret all my money to be equally divided betwixt them, after paying my just debts funeral expenses and legacies and I also bequeath to them my best wearing apparel excepting such articles as I may hereafter mention as bequests to my other friends in a Codicil to this my last will.

And I appoint Mrs. Mark Quayle and Mrs. John Grave and Mr. Philip Garrett Surgeon Executors to this my last will.

And I request and desire that my Remains may be buried in Kirk Onchan Church Yard under the same stone with my beloved Father & Mother and that my household furniture Bed and Table Linnen Books and Plate may be sold by Publick Auction and my Debts and Legacies paid within six months after my decease.

Written with my own hand and subscribed by me this sixth day of June in the year of our Lord 1822.


Witnesses to the said subscription : John Leece, Eleanor Caren, jnr.

By this Codicil to my last Will I bequeath to Miss Jean Kerr of Duke Street the sum of Ten Pounds British.


At an Eccl. Court holden in Douglas 23rd Augt. 1822. Mr. Philip Garrett surgeon one of the exors. named having declined to act, Mrs. Mark Quayle and John Grave in right of his wife, are both sworn in Court in form of Law & for the payment of debts & legacies have given pledges in form of Law namely Mr. Senhouse Wilson & Mr. Philip Garrett aforesaid both of Douglas.


Probatum est, T. STEPHEN.

Her father William [sic Richard ] Betham, Collector of Customs at Douglas from 1777, lies buried at the east end of the old churchyard. near the stile.

Miss Annie’s sister Elizabeth was married to Admiral Bligh on 4th February, 1781 at Kirk Conchan. They took lodgings in Douglas for a while. It was in 1887 [sic 1787] he was appointed to command H.M.S. Bounty.

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