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This is affirmed to be the last Will and Testament of Thomas Stevenson of Bwashen in the parish of KK. Marown, He being in perfect mind and memory at the making thereof on the 15th of May, 1769.

First He committed his soul to Almighty God and his Body to Christian burial.

Itm He left his best coat and best pair of Breeches unto his son John.

Itm He left unto his son Tho8 all his part of all the Goods that he the said Thomas had already in his hands.

Itm He left unto his son Robert all his part of the Iron Crow and the Sledge and his part of all the lime stones both at home and from home.

Itm He left unto his Grandson Wm Stevenson his part of the Plough and Links and his part of all the Ladders and his big Coat.

Itm He left unto his loving wife his part of the feather Bed and Bolster that he and said wife lay on during her natural Lifetime and then to return to his exctrix

Lastly He nominated and appointed his Daughter Margt Cowley to be whole and sole Exectrrx of all the rest of his Goods of what kind soever moveable and immoveable, She the said Margt paying the Sum of Twenty Shillings unto his Grandson his son Thomas’s son that he himself had reared. excluding all other craving friends with sixpence apiece Legacy.

Witnesses present

Thos Corris his x ,Thos Radcliffe, Jurat apud curiam habit apud Douglass 14’mo die mensis Junii 1780.

Jon : Moore

Examd by Thos Cubbon Ar : Ry.

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