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Document No. 193.


Whereas John Tare of the parish of Kirk Maughold, Husbandman, did in the year of our Lord, 1770, become bound to our Sovereign Lord the King that he the sd John Tare should perform the duties of common Executioner within this Isle upon all occasions when there unto required and was duly sworn for that purpose.

And whereas there are two Convicts now in Castle Rushen lying under the Sentence of Death, and it hath been found necessary to apprehend the sd John Tare in order to be secure and forth coming to execute the sd Sentence at the place and time appointed for that purpose according to his duty in that behalf.

These are therefore to Order and require you that you forthwith receive into Custody in Castle Rushen the Body of him the John Tare and him there safely keep and detain for the duty aforesaid until you receive further order to the contrary. Given at Castle Rushen, 10th April, 1781.

R.Dawson, Governor.

To the Jailer of Castle Rushen.

[John Teare was sentenced to death for sheepstealing in 1770 but sentence commuted on condition he acted as executioner! - in 1765 Patrick Cottier sentence for Robbery was also commuted on same condition]

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