Diocesan Registry.

Document No. 192.


Castle Rushen. 24th June, 1781.


Thomas Crellin (description as below), a private soldier belonging to Captain Quayle’s Company, having lately deserted, and intelligence having been received that he is now secreted in Kirk Marown or in some other part of your district, His Excellency desires that you will immediately order a sufficient number of your constables out in pursuit of him. And to avoid giving any Alarm you will strictly caution them to proceed with all possible secrecy, and after apprehending to bring him up to Castle Rushen without Loss of Time. His Excellency expects that the utmost diligency will be executed upon this occasion being well convinced that no person whatsoever, especially a Native, can long remain without a Discovery in any well-regulated District of this Isle.

I am your most humble servant,

Dan Callow, Secretary.


William Quayle, High Bailiff of Douglas.

Description : Thomas Crellin 5 feet seven high, 28 years age, fair complexion, grey eyes, black hair, by Trade a Weaver, born in the parish of Marown.

And in order to prevent a plea of Ignorance in any who may trangress the law by harbouring or concealing the sd deserter You are hereby further Ordered to cause publication to be made at your parish church on the three sundays next immediately following the receipt thereof, that if any person whatsoever shall be found to harbour, conceal or entertain or assist the sd Crellin on any account, pretence, whatsoever directly or indirectly he, she, or they so offending shall be proceeded against according to the utmost Rigor of the act of parliament made and provided in the behalf. Given at Castle Rushen, 5th June. 1781.

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