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Document No. 190.


To the Revrd. Mr,. Robert Radcliffe Vicar Genll. The humble petition of John Cowle of Douglass.

Sheweth that your petnr was sent for to Mrs. John Vinche's Barn on the fast Day about nine o'clock at night and that Mr. Vinch wanted to spake to your pet,r and when there found Robt Radcliffe playing on the fiddle, and Mr. Vinch your petnr was prevailed upon to play for his, and Robert Quilling's Children which was by great perswassion, and played about half a Tunes for which fault your petnr was presented at the Last Circuit Court at Douglas and Ordered to St. German's to give bonds to perform penance in Douglass Chappell & KK. Braddan Church & is now under Confindment.

Therefore your petnr humbly implore your Reverrences Tender Clemency, & grant ,our petnr his Enlargement hoping not to offend in any such Irregularity for the future which granted your p,tnr & his numerous small familly as in Duty bound shall pray &c.

The Petr is in custody.-Jno Murray.

April 5th, 1757. Upon the petitionr giving Bonds of £3 ad Usum Dni submissively to perform his Censure and upon no other term he is to be released.

Ro. Radcliffe.

We Robert Caine & Patrick Coole both of Douglass do become bound in the sum of £3 ad Usum Dni that John Cowle above mentioned will submissively perform his Censure in Wittness whereof we have put our names to our this 5th April, 1757.

Robert Calne his x
Patrick Coole my x


It was the custom at the above date to observe Saturday night as a part of Sunday. It was called Oie Ghoonnee, the 'Eve of Sunday.' ' John Vinche's Barn' was probably on the site of the present St. Mary's Schools, behind Government Office, on the upper side of Finch Road, Douglas.

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