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We whose names are hereunto subscribed being an Admiral jury consisting of Merchants, and Masters of Ships Sworn by virtue of an order Issued out of the Admiralty Court of this Isle (on the application and request of Robert Rankin, Master of the Blossom of Erwine, lately taken by the Counte du Maurpas, privateer, of Dunkirk, Jean Francois Chyne Commander, about Twenty Eight Leagues off North & by East off Cape Wrath, in her passage from Christian Sound in Norway and bound (for) Ramsey-haven in the said Island of Man, with a Cargoe of Timber and Dails Shipped on board the said Ship by Marcus Nelson Angell, on the risque and account of John Frizell, Mercht in Ramsey in the said Isle of Man, and Ransomed by the said Robert Rankin for the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds sterling, as by his Ransom Bill dated the fourth day of this instant June, doth more at large appear.

Having this day mett pursuant to the said order to view, estimate and value the said ship, cargoe, freight, master and men's wages, &c., and carefully examined into the aforesaid particulars, and duly weighed and considered them article by article, do therefore say that the said ship with her boat and with all the tackle, furniture and appurtees to the said ship belonging are worth and do estimate her and all her said appurtenances to the sum of one hundred and thirty-nine pounds, six shillings and four pence British value.

The cargoe which was on board the said ship we estimate and value to the sum of one hund and fifty-two pounds two shillings & 6 d.

And the freight which the said ship was to gain for her, said voyage appears to us to be Seventy-six pounds six shillings of like British currency.

The master and men's wages for the Sd voyage appear to be twenty-five pounds of like currency, by the affidavit of the master and some of the hands of the said ship that there was taken from them by the said privateer.

Provisions and other necessarys belonging to the said ship to the value of four pounds seventeen shillings of like money.

We also find that the master's private venture on board the sd ship appears to be worth five pound twelve shillgs and 8' Britt.

All which said estimations given and sums of money in our opinion are true to bear a share of the said ransom bill of 150 pounds on an average pro~b le to every person interest as is hereinbefore more fully exprest towards the releasmt of the hostage given by the s' Robt Rankin for the redemption of the Sd ship & cargoe, &c.

And this we return for our Verdict in the premises as witness our hands this day of June, 1747.


£139 6 4


76 6 0


25 0 0

Master's venture

5 12 8


£246 5 0


152 2 8


£398 7 8

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