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Whereas Mr. Robert Curghey of the Carrick in the parish of KK Christ Leysayre A Member of the 24 Keyes of this Isle hapen'd Ab' the Month of Febry Last past into Deemster Nicho : Christian's Company att the House of Capt. Charles Crow of the said parish, and after some Disputes and Arguments passing, The said Mr. Curgey did in the heat and height of Liquor & passion Utter and Express Severall haniouse and opprobiouse Speeches, against the Said Deemster -telling him that he was forsworne and the Like for which vile and base Slander the said Mr. Curgey fearing to be called to An Account, And being truely Conscieniouse, that he had not the Least grounds for Such his Aspertion And Reflection: hath now upon his knees before the subscribing Wittnesses hartile and Sincerely begg'd the Said Deemster Christian's pardon for his said offence; faithfully promiseing and assureing never to offend in a Case of the Like nature again, Nor that his Escapeing Condigne punishment, at this time for his Said offence Shall be any precident or example to others for falling into the like Error hereafter, upon which said Acknowledgement of his Enormouse Crime the Said Deemster Nicho : Christian out of a Charitable and Christian temper (as the necessity of this present Time requires), hath in respect of the said Mr. Curgey's being so much inebriated with Liquor at that juncture (that he did not well know or understand what he said or Uttered), freely forgiven and pardoned whatever Censure or punishment might be Inflicted for such an offence, And are become as good friends And Unanamousely, Reconciled Each to the other, as if the Said Words had never been Spooken Wittness their Hands this 15th April,1728.

Signed in presence of Robt' Curghy
Jon Bignall, Nicho : Christian.

Jon Garrett,
Hugh Black,
John Curphey.

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