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Document No. 182.

1735. THE SEATS OF DOUGLAS CHAPEL (St. Matthew’s.)

In Archiv. Episcop.

Douglas, March 1st 1735

Upon Enquiry into the Regulation of the Seats of Douglas Chapell it appears as follows


1 In dispute betwixt Mr Wm Murray in behalf of Mr Somerel & Mr Wm Oates Exr to Mr Broughton
2 To Mr John Murray
3 To Mr Philip Moore as Declared by him
4 A New Seat — To W Philip Moore Junr and Mr Charles Killey p Cant at £6-13-00 [ See note.]
5 To Mr John Kelly
6 To Mr Thos Joiner approved
7 To Wm Flaxney as Accted for in Mr Murray’s Book
½ to Tho : Kelly Decd as declared by his Widow
8 To David Christian as declared p Widow
9 ½ to John Cannel as Accted for in W Murray’s Book
½ To Adam Christian paid in Iron work as proved by him.
10 To Philip Christian & son John as declared p Philip’s Widow
11 ½ To Wid : Huddleston as acct for in Mr Phil : Moore’s Book
½ To Wid : Oates as proved by Mirs. Kerruish
12 To John Kenrick, James Savage & Phil: Higgins
13 ¼ To John Coultry as proved by him
¼ To John Bridson as declared upon Oath by John Clark & Margt Sayle
¼ To Dan : Callister
¼ To John Finch as Accted for in Mr Robt Moor’s Book
14 ¼ to Philip Clague as Accted for in M’ Robt Moor’s Book
D° To John Sharp as proved by him
D° To John Fayle as proved by him
D° To John Stephen as proved
15 ¼ To Rich’ Killey as Accted for in M’ Philip Moor’s Book
D° to John Quine as declared by John Coultry his Nephew pd
D° To Robt Quine as declared by his Daut Margt Quirk
D° To Philip Canell as Accted for in Mr Robt Moor’s Book
16 To Mr John Murray for Dr Quayle’s house
17 To Alderman Murray


1 To Mr John Murray, Undertaker
2 To Mr Wilim Kelly
3 To John Kinish & John Cottiman
4 To Mr Wm Fine


1 To the Occupants of the Nunnery
2 To Mr Robert Moore of the Undertakers
3 a New Seat To Mr Peter Moore & Rev Edwd Moore at £7 5 0
4 To M’ Edward Moore and son Henry
5 To Wm Cannell Carpenter
6 To Wid : Corrin & James Read as declared by said Read
7 ½ To Mr John Broughton
D° To Mr Willm Murray as Accted for in Mr Murray’s Book
8 To John Callister and John Christian as declared by Wid : Callister
9 To Capt John Oates Decd Q [uery] Voucher
10 To John Corris, Robt Joiner & Robt Kelly as declared by Corris
11 ½ To Mr John Christian as declared by him
D° To Mr Wm Whiteside as Declared p Mrs Nash
12 ¼ To Richd Fitzimons As Declared p Wid : Looney
D° To Gilbt Looney
Do To Wm Corkill
Wm Killey’s part not appearing to be paid for is now disposed off to Mr Thos Gelling’s Wife at £1 5 0
13 ¼ To Michael Vinch as accted for in Mr Robt Moor’s book
To Deemster Parr
Do To Thos Moore
D° To Wm Kissack -~
These 4 Names were written formerly upon the Seat as Declared by Thos Moore Clerk
14 ¼ To Matt : Kelley as Declared by his Daur Ellr Corrin
Do To Robt Lewn as Declared by Thos McYlrea
Do To Willm Corlett his Widow to pay 5 Shills
Do To Thos Quine which not appearing to be paid for is to be Disposed off
15 To the Chaplain and Clergy


I To Mr. Willm Murray
2 To Mr Philip Moore in Right of Old Mr Dickson
3 ½ To Henry Hutchin as declared p John Kermod
D° To W’m Kissack as Declared p Son Wm
4 a new seat To Philip Vinch and John Mchood at £1 0 0

Eod: die & año ut Supra

The above acct of this Regulation taken by & before me

John Cosnahan V :G:

At Douglass August the 7th 1739

The within Settlemt and Regulation of the Seats in the Capell of Douglas is approved of an Consented unto by the Right Revd Father in God Tho, Lord Bishop of Sodor & Man. By the Revd John Cosnahan Vicr Genl the Revd Edward Moore Official. As also by the Undertakers and Wardens whose names are hereunto Subscribed.

And for the avoiding of disorder and Confusion for the future, That the seats as now Regulated may always hereafter Continue for the Use and benefit of the Inhabitants of the said Town. And that Assesments may be regularlr made and duly Levy’d for the Support andMaintenance of the Fabrick for Ornaments, Elements and for such other purposes as shall be found Requisite for the decency and Honour of the House of God.

We do in the behalf of our selves & Successors Engage Consent and agree that the seats in Chapell According to the s" Settlement shall always hereafter be Annex’d and appropriated as Members and Appurtenances of the several and respective Mansions or Dwelling houses of the Inhabitants and persons now in possession. Sc) that it shall not be in the power of any of them or of their successors to alienate by Wifl, by Sale or any other Conveyance such seats or part of seats so annexed, as to make the same separate or distinct from their said Houses. But that the said Seats and parts of Seats shall always be deemed and reputed as appurtenances Inseparable from their said Houses. And we do agree that the Occupts or Tennants of such houses or other Concerns in or adjoining to the Town of Douglass shall always be Liable to the payment of the Assesmts to be made for the purposes aforementioned.

In Testimony hereof We do hereunto subscribe our Names this Seventh day of August 1739

THO : SODOR & MAN [Bishop Wilson]


EDW : MOORE Official


JOHN COWLEY Warden his mk x


JA : WILKS Ep: Reg.


The document states that the new seat at the south side near the altar was disposed of by cant, namely, by public auction. The Oxford Dictionary says the word ‘ cant ‘ was chiefly used in Ireland. The earliest record of its use there is 1705.


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