Liber Causarum Dioc. Reg.

Document No. 179.


Being informed that the Orders of the Spiritual Court, relating to the punishment of offenders, by dragging them after a Boat hath been neglected at the Town of Douglas by the Owners or Masters of Boats there, who were required to perform the same I do therefore hereby order and require, that as often as any Orders from the Spiritual Court of that kind come to Douglas for the ffuture, that you forthwith Order one of the Soldiers of your Garrison to charge any of the Boats of your Port to perform ye same according as the said Order of the Spiritual Court shall direct, and that he see the same observed. And if any Owner, or Master of a Boat, or his Boat-Crew shall neglect or refuse to perform the same, you are imediately to commit him or them into the Fort, and acquaint me thereof, that they may be fined and otherwise proceeded against, as their Crime and Contempt shall demerit. Given under my hand at Castle-Rushin, the 9th April 1713.

Robt. Mawdesley.

To the Comander of Douglas ffort.

25 July, 1715. Copia vera exd pr m[el

J.Woods, Regr Episc

[Endorsed] Att Castle Rushen, this 19 July, 1715.

I do allow the within Order, and do require all persons concerned to see that the same be punctually observed, and not only at Douglas, but at all other places in the Island, where it shall be required. Alexr Horne.

29 Nov. 1722. Copia vera exad perme J. Woods R.P.D. Thos. Sodor and Manniae Episc Regrius,

Compared with the original by, Anth. Halsal, Thomas Corlett.

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