Set into the text of the above account [doc 166] of the women who were married into the Kewley family, there is, written in the same hand, the following quaint account of the visit of Saint Patrick to Ballafreer.

Document No. 167.



As Saint Patrick Pass' through the fflat of Our ffarm East Side of the Haggard it is said that a Briar caught hold of his foot and tore some of the foot and stocking, so that he was a little passionate and said, Let not this Field produce any kind of Grain that will make a man Drunk, That he may be sober to avoid Thy Briars and to take care to keep his feet from thy Dented Prickles. This was about the year 444. He at that Time was going with Disciple Saint Jerman to appoint a place to build a Chappel Therein, which sd chappell was built There and the Ruins of it Remains to This Day. The Parson of the Parrish in former Times Read Prayers in some of those Chappels upon Ascension Day but now it is oblete.

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(used by Esther Nelson in 'Ballafreer')

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