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Document No. 164.


Libr Scaccr, 1643. The Right Honorable James Earl of Derby wth the advice of his officers, and 24 Keyes, having ordered a troop, of Horse to be raised for the defence of the Island, under the command of Capt. Thos. Stanley, and left the 24 Keyes to raise an allowance for their maintenance in that service, they ordered therein as followeth, that the Fore [sic] Horsemen and Horse appointed, out of the several parishes be allowed 3s. 6d. pr week, to be collected by 4 honest men assigned by the Capt of the parish for that service from all manner of persons that they know, find or hear of to be of ability, by any manner of means, whither Land, Trade, or traffick, to contribute to that purpose.

And that they order the Bishp Archdeacon and the rest of the Clergy to pay the officers or Commanders of the sd Troop £3 per week, vizt the Capt. to have 25/- pr weep: the Lieut. 16s. the Cornett 11s. and the quarter mr 8s : and the Pip. to lay- this equally amongst the Clergy.

In an order in the year 1644 made by the officers and 24 Keyes : that there be forthwith 17th [sic] Serjeants two Trumpters, and a Drum major sent for out of *England or Ireland to aid and assist the military officers, in exercising and commanding the forces of this Island, for the Defence and safety thereof. And for their maintenance, that there shall be an asses' of half so much money as formerly was assesed upon every parish, at the raising and ordering the last troop wch will be £6 a week on the Laity and 30s. a week on the Clergy and this to continue during the officers and 24 Keyes pleasure giving 3 months notice to the sd officers before they be dismissed.

In 1645.

An asses[sment] made for buying of new arms vizt. a thousand dirks or skaynes, at 12s. 6d. for every skayne. [See Moore's " History." p. 246.].

*Ireland is deleted in original MS. [See Moore's " History," p. 244.]


The Garrisons to be Victualled in time of warr by the Tennants, and the Clergy to bring in a proportion as well as the Tennants.

The 24 Keyes wth the advice of the officers do order an Asses. of 175 on the Country to buy a thousand half pikes, and the Clergy to pay their proportion thereof.

1649. Libr Scaccr.

1500 given [to] my Lord James by way of Loan wch was ordered to be raised by way of Asses. on the farmers, &c.


An .Asses[sment] of Vs. pr Quarter Land to buy powder for the use of the Island, and the Clergy; to contribute in some competent manner, wch then was done by the Archdeacon & the principal] officers of the clergy.


The Govern" officers and 24 Keys order 170 men to be raised for the service of the Country, and to have an allowance of viii per day to maintaine them, wch was raised by an assesmt as usual.

The same year the Clergy pay towards the maintaining of soldiers in the Calf.

At a later date (1689) the Militia (Malew, Arbory and Rushen) mustered at the Calf Island. [Moore's " History," 1). 452.]

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