Public Record Office Northern Ireland, Bundle 393.

Document No. 160.


1730. September 7. Whitehall.

The Lords Justices of Ireland having acquainted me by their letter of the 26th past that John Wade esquire a member of the House of Commons in that kingdom had by a memorial to them represented that the Governor of the Isle of Man refuses to deliver up three persons now confined in that island on account of a robbery committed upon the said Mr. Wade in Dublin till engagements are entered into for securing the rewards promised in the enclosed proclamation to the soldiers and others who assisted the persons concerned in discovering and apprehending the said robbers, which said rewards are not payable till after conviction and then only to the persons apprehending the offenders, I desire your Grace will be pleased to lay this matter before His Majesty and to move His Majesty that he will be graciously pleased to give such orders and directions as may be most proper and effectual for having the said offenders forthwith sent over to Dublin in order to their being tried there for the said robbery.

The above document, which is a full copy, has been supplied at our request by Mr. D. A. Chart, Deputy Keeper of the Records of Northern Ireland, Belfast. There is no record as to what the Governor did in response to the Duke of Dorset's letter. The Governor in question was Thomas Horton, who had been in office from 1725 to 1736, and was acting under the last Earl of Derby, James the Tenth Earl (1702-1736)

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