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We whose names are subscribed being the Sett Inquest of K Andreas having this day met together to apoint and nominate who shall be moar for this present year we do therefore apoint the quarterland of Mullenlowne for the same, and that Capt. James Christian [Milntown] do hire and agree with some sufficient person that will perform and discharg the moarships office of K. Andreas; and our reason of delaying so long of not having made a moar is that we did not know how [?who] had the setting of the said quarter, till within a week and this we give for our answer as witness our names and marks the first of January 1705/6.

John Quark his mark I
Thomas Cowle his mark T
William Kneale his mark W
John Cleator his mark I


Mullenlowne about 1700 was the cause of a dispute between Edward Christian of Staple Inn and his sister Margaret Christian, executrix to the will of her mother, Dorothy (nëe Wilson), wife of Deemster Edward Christian (1628-1693).

Deemster Edward Christian in his will of 1693 desired that, subject to his widow's consent, their second son, Edward Christian, of Staple Inn, should get Mullenlowne. This was evidently not approved of by his widow, for after her death in 1695 her daughter Margaret, the executrix, disputed the tenure. An award of 3rd September, 1696, gave Mullenlowne to Edward junior and his wife Jane Harris. They may have lived in England and sub-let the estate to their brother, the Capt. James Christian appointed moar in 1705.

Edward and Jane both died without issue before March, 1729, when Mullenlowne passed back to their nephew and heir at law, John Christian (1688-1745), the head of the family.

Mullenlowne came to the Christians circa 1500 on the marriage of a Deemster John Christian with Calvvorry Knele It remained in their hands till 1904.

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