Castle Rushen Papers.

Document No. 146.


Noverint universi p prsents me Michael Thorp de opido Wirkinton in Comitat. Cumberland, Mercat. Teneri et frmiter obligari Gulielm: Comit. Derbiens. in vi,gint libr bonae et legal monetae Angliae solvendid eidem Gulielmo Comit Derbiens out suo certo :Atturnat Executoribus Administratoribus vel assignatis sus. Ad quamidem solutionent bene et firetiter faciendum obligo me heredes exec utores ct adnc'mistratores aneos firetiter p prscntes sigill nico sigillat Dat septimo die Maij Anno regni dom : Carol. secured : dei grat. Angliae Scotiae et Hiberniae regis fidei defensor triccssimo quinto Anoq. Domini 1683.

[Know all men by these presents that I Michael Thorp of the town of Workington in the County of Cumberland Merchant am held and firmly bound to William Earl of Derby in twenty pounds of good and lawful English money to be paid to the same 'William Earl of Derby or to his appointed Attorney- Executors Administrators or assigns. To which payment well and faithfully to be made I firmly bind myself my heirs executors and administrators by these presents sealed with my seal. Given the second day of May in the thirty-fifth year of the reign of our lord Charles the second by the grace of god King of England Scotland and Ireland defender of the faith and in the Year of our Lord 1683.1

The Condition of this obligation is such tht if the above bounden Michaell Thorp his heirs exer : or Administrators doe well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the Right Honble Will Earle of Derby or to the Receiver or Receiver Generall of the Isle of Man for his use the full sume of twenty live shill : yearly and every yeare at the feast of St. Michael the Arch-Angell in every yeare for the full tearm and time of seven years the first paym`t to Comrnce at the said feast of St. Michaell now next ensuing the datr hereof as a rent out of the vrack and tang growing on the shores of this Isle according to the Tenr of a pair of Indentures interchangably subscribed by Robt Heywood Govrnr of the Isle afforesd in behalf of the said righ honble Earl of Derby, and the said Michaell Thorp bearing (late with these prsents, then this prsent obligation to be voyd and of none effect otherwise to stand firm and of force power, and vertue in the law. MICHA : THORPE.

Sealed signed and delivered in the prsencc of us By : Edw. Bradshaw, John Wood, Tho Norris.

1 The Latin portion of this document has been kindly translated by Mr. David Craine, ALA. Leases giving a monopoly of wrack and tang ceased to be granted in the first part of the l8th century. The seaweed was first dried in the sun and then burnt in pits to obtain the mineral ash or kelp, Wised in the manufacture of soap and glass. Governor Woods said in 1766 that it had been a great nuisance to the town [Castletownl and country froth the smoke of the burning. However, the practice of making kelp persisted 'far into the 19th century.

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