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Insula Monae.

Know all Men by these presents that we Mark Wilks of Castletown, the Revd. Ja: Wilks of Balaugh, & Sam. Wattleworth of Kirk Malew, do hereby own and acknowledge ourselves to be and stand justly indebted unto his Excellency John Wood Esqr., Governor, the Right Reverend Richard, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, John Quayle Esqr. Clerk of the Rolls, Wadsworth Busk Esqr. his Majesties Attny. Genl., and the Revd. William Mylrea, Archdeacon, Trustees or Feoffees in Trust, Nominated and Appointed by the late Revs. Bishop Barrow for the Management of the Estates of Ballagilley and Hango- hill Trustees of the sd. Estates and Benefaction, in the full and just Sum of One Hundred Pounds. . . . As Witness our subscriptions this seventh of Novr. 1776.

The Condition of the before written Bond or Obligation is such, that whereas the above bounden Mark Wilks been allowed off and Admitted to be one of the Academic Scholars and thereby intitled to a certain Anual Sum or Benefaction issuing out of the sd. Trust Estates towards his Maintenance whilst he continues upon the sd. Benefaction or Foundation, or be provided for in the Ministry and Service of the Church of this Isle according to the Intent of the sd. Right Revd. Founder.

If therefore the sd. Mark Wilks shall carefully apply himself to the study of Academic Learning and not absent himself therefrom nor depart this Isle without the special Licence of the sd. Trustees, or a Quorum of them had in writing for that purpose, but will diligently endeavour to qualify himself and at all Times be ready when required to enter into Holy Orders and Service in the Ministry of the Church of this Isle, or if for better promotion or Preferment in an other country or other Considerations, the sd. Mark Wilks shall depart this Isle or decline serving in the Ministry of the Church thereof, he the s". Mark Wilks shall refund and repay unto the sd. Trustees all and whatever Sum and Sums of Money he the sd. Mark Wilks shall have received out of the sd. Trust Estates. . . . Then the before written Bond or Obligation shall be void, otherwise to be and remain in Full Force and Virtue.

Mark Wilks

Signed and Delivered in Presence of Dan Callow-, Ja: Wilks William Callow. Saml. Wattleworth.

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