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To the Honrble. Richard Dawson Esqr. Lieut.Govr. of this Isle and the rest of the Worspll Officers, Deemster and Twenty-four Keys the Representative Body of this Isle, the humble Petition of several of the Inhabitants of KK Maughold and Toun of Ramsey &c whose names are hereunto Subscribed. Sheweth,

That by the Alteration of the Highway that leads from Ramsey to Douglas the same is re-moved higher up Ballure River above the antitent Ford, and Crosses said River at a place which hath a more Rapid decent or fall confined there in a very narrow passage running among large Rocky Stones, and the ford in a Sharp Angle in the said Highway in a deep and dark Hollow and a steep precipice in the River on the short side of the Angle on each side of the said Ford. In which situation and condition Travelers who have occation to pass the said Ford have been often detained on their journey at the same, and some otherwise exposed to the hazard of their Lives in Crossing thereon in the time of the Flood.

Neither can the Inhabitants of Ramsey at such times have recourse to their Parish Church of KK Maughold, Either to attend Divine Service or to Bury their Dead.

Your Petitioners further show that when the said new Highway was made the place where the said Ford over the sd River now is, was at that time reputed to be a Convenient safe place for that purpose, but since by the Rapidity and Violent motion of the water down the great Descent and Rocky Channel of the said River from the neighbouring Mountain of Baroole, the said Ford hath been often broken which hath Occationed a Steep Bank on Ramsey side thereof whereby the same is very dangerous for Travelers, and hath caused such, coming from Douglas side to Ramsey in Distress, to call over and apply to the Neighbouring people adjoining on the Ramsey side in the Night-time for help and light to enable them to pass over the said Ford; so that in case any Traveler, either Rider or Footman, should have the misfortune to stumble therein in the time of a Flood they would be inevitably lost in case of falling doun the stream.

Petrs. further shew that others who at other times were going to and from Ramsey to KK Maughold at the time of a flood have been obliged to go back from said Ford, and obliged to go up Ballure Hills and Crossing the Different waters that fall down the sd River at the foot of Baroole to their great Inconvenience and Risque.

And as there is no other Highway for Travelers and the Parishoners of KK Maughold and Toun of Ramsey to pass and repass to and from the sd. Toun upon market days and other Occations but what is mentioned as aforesd, to the great Inconvenience of the Parishoners and Public lit General.

And as your Petrs. are informed that the Sum of 35 " 12 " 0 Brit would be sufficient to Errect a Bridge of Sufficient breadth for Travellers & Carriages of all sorts to pass over said River at all times at the sa. present Ford, which would be of General Utility, a Public benefit, and a great Security to all who have or may have Occation to travel that Road,

Your Petrs therefore presume to lay this Publick grievance before your Honor and the Rest of the Worshipll. Officers, Deemsters and Twenty Four Keys as the Representatives of the Public of this Isle, praying your Aid and Assistance for the Erection of a Bridge over the said River of Ballure at the said Highway, which will conduce in the Safety of all those who may have Occation to Travel that way, and your Petrs. shall pray, &c. ,

John Frissell
High Bailiff.

  • Chas Lace
  • Thos. Stowel
  • Edwd Christian
  • Thos Mylrea
  • Wm Cowll
  • Edw. Christian
  • Edmond Martin
  • John Sayle
  • Wm Kissack
  • Will --
  • John --
  • John Crosby
  • Wm. Martin
  • Nicholas Curphey
  • John Corlet
  • Wm Killip
  • John Kelvin
  • Thos. Cubbon
  • Robert Christian
  • John Christian
  • Wm Callow
  • John Keruish
  • William Christian
  • Wm Callow
  • Wm Callow
  • Robt Corteen
  • Charles Callow
  • William Callow
  • John Stole
  • Thomas Corkill
  • Thomas Fargher
  • Edward Callow
  • John Christian.

At a Meeting of the Committee of the Highways in Castletown the 1st day of June 1787.

On Consideration of the before written Petition and the sevl Circumstances attending the same, It is hereby Resolved that a proper Bridge be made over Ballure River, And the Sum of Thirty Five Pounds is hereby Ordered to be Paid the Highway Fund for that purpose.

7th July 1787. Recd. from John Quayle Esq. Clerk of the Rolls the Sum of Ten Pounds in part of Thirty Five pounds in the before written order mentd. Dan Callow.

Tho. Moore
John Taubman
William Callow
Will. Qualtrough.

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