From the Correspondence of the Third Earl of Derby.
Published Chetham Society, 1890.

Document No. 143.


To the wiff of Thomas Norres.

Welbeloved, I grete you well. And wher it is soo, that Thomas Norres, yor late husbande and my trusty officer in those parties, is departed from this present lyff, whose soule godd pardon, by reason wherof ye be now at lybertye eftsoones to mary agayn ; Wherein, forasmoche as ye be my Wido, I dowt not but accordynge to your dutye ye will take myn advyse ; And for so moche as John Kyghley,2 one of my Soldiors of the Pele3 in Man, is right desirous to mary wth you, for the good Love and favor that he berith to you ; vnto whom I do not only bere good will & favor, for the srvice whiche he hathe don and intendeth to do to me, but I am moche the better Lord unto hym, for the srvices that his Auncestors and the stoke, that he is comon of, hathe don to me and my Auncestors : Wherfore in my hertywise I desire you to be contented to accept and take the said John to your Husbande; in which doing ye shall not only desrve my thankes, but also for yor soo doyng I will ye knowe, that ye and he together shalhaue and hold the tenement late in the tenure of your said husband, doinge to me your dutye therfor accustomed ; Whiche said tenemente ys now in my disposcon to order and dispose at my pleasr. And in the accomplishment of this my said pleasrI will, that this my wrytinge shalbee a suffycient Warrant veto my Lieutennt and other my Offycers in those partyes for the admytting of him and you tennts to the same tenement. And thus fare ye well.

MEMORANDUM that wher yt hath pleased my Lord of his bountefull goodness to dyrect his Lres to the late wyffe of Thomas Norres, one of the Dymsters of Man, decessed, exortyng her to mary me, John Kyghley, for whiche doinge my saide Lord hath promysed, that she and I together shalbee his Lordships tennts of the tenemt, that was lately in the tenure of her saide husbonde, ffor whiche tenemente his Lordshipp myght haue a large ffyn Wherfor I, the sayd John, am agreed and grant, if I mary the said wyff of the said Thomas, and that I haue and hold the said tenement, that then I shall after myn habylytie and substance pay vnto my said Lord, for the fyn or gressum of the same tenement, suche a some of money, and at suche days, as by his Lordship and his Counsaill shalbe lymyted and appoynted. In witnesse wherof to this Remembraunce the said John, &c.

Deemster Thomas Norres died 'in the xxiiijth year of the reign of Henry- VIII.' (c. 1533). According to the Manorial Roll, Thomas Norres held, in 1511, over sixty acres of land and ' a certain close called Vausetotvn,' all near to Castletown. The property must have been of much value for the rent, 70 shillings per annum, was comparatively high. He also had at Castletown ' a chamber near the sea 12d. one cottege with garden and two chambers 5s. 6d John Norres, one of the same family, held Ballanorres in Kirk Arbory at the same period.

Thomas Sasmsbury 'one of my soldier;wthin the Castell of Man, the roume and office of one of the dymysters wthin my said Isle wch Thomas Norre, lately had occupied, to have &c. during my pleasr, wth such wages, feez, proftitts, :and advantages and 'emoluments as the sd Thomas Norres lately had.' Thomas Samesbury belonged to the Ronaldsway family and was anofficer at Peel Castle circa 1536.

John Kyghley was a soldier at the Pele in 1550: also in 1575, in which year he appears to have died, for in a separate document the widow of John Kyyghley is set down as holding the office of 'Landerer' at Castle Rushen at a salary of thirteen shillings and fourpence. -John was a younger brother of Henry Kyghley of Inskip, whose mother was ' Ciscelye dowghter to Syr Thotnas Butler of Betvse,' :and was connected by marriage with the Tyldesleys of the Friarv, Kirk Arbory

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