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Docket No. 138.




Complaint being made by Margery Quilliam of Ballacarky1 in the parish of Kk. Patrick that some malicious neighbours do secretly whisper that the Henns of Balla-Carky laid their Eggs in the Glan beg, meaning thereby and reflecting on an accidental Meeting that happened there betwixt the complainant and Mr. Charles Ratcliff of Knock-Allow, as he was passing by, and she returning from the Sheep fold, after milking.2

This (with other the like reflections; vizt that the young people, and such as no how can be laid on of the neighbourhood, when they see the complainant: mutters and cries out Shoot him, Shoot him—a byname given the sd Mr. Ratcliff) haveing been the occasion of much trouble and affliction to the said Margery and her family, forced her to the usual remedy of a Purgation which she and the sd Mr. Radcliff hath done by a Solemn Oath upon the Holy Evangelists, in the presence of many of their neighbours.

It is therefore ordered that Publication be made next Lords Day in the Parish Church, that none do hereafter presume to use the same expressions or upbraid them or their families with the sd reflections in penalty of £3 to the Lord, 40 dayes imprisonmt and such further punishmt as the Law provides in like cases, Wherefore certificate to be hereto annext, that this order may be recorded for the satisfaction of the pate injured.

Dat: June the 17th, 1727.



July 16th, 1727.—This day the above order was published in Kk. Patr: Church.

Matth: Curghy3.

1 Ballakirkey Quarterland comes to the edge of the cliffs at Glenmeay.
2 it would appear that Margery was milking the sheep.
3 Matthias Curghy was vicar of Kk. Patrick from 1703 to 1729.

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