Castle Rushen Papers.


Document No. 137.



On that Book of Truth, By the Body of the Martyr, and for as much as the Great and Gooddid in six days and seven nights make the Heaven above and Earth beneath: that you will verily and not falsify through love or hatred, fear or malice, fee or reward, consanguinity or affinity, or for any other cause: but that you will truly try a cause depending in this Court. Whereas A. is plaintiff and B. is defendant, according to the Law of the Land, and the evidence to be laid before you. So help you God.


For the Great Inquest the same to the word but, then thus: 'That you will well and truly execute the duties of the Great Inquest of .... Sheading for one year without concealment, fraud or deceat, according to the Law of the Land, and the charge that will be delivered to you.'

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