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Peel, Isle of Man,
20 Sep: 1847.


My dear Brother,—The printed account of the Itinerant Methodist Preachers' Annuitant Society came to me in my July and August Book Parcel, and, had it not been mislaid, I should have given it to you at the time. The enclosed receipt of your six pounds subscription to the Preachers' Fund reached me from your Chairman just before I left Kendal. I now send it, as Mr. Sumner requested.

I suppose you forgot to pay me for the six numbers of your Evangelical Christendom. I think that I should not have mentioned, had not a person called upon me just before I left Kendal and paid me sixpence for you. The person was from Ambleside and said he owed you sixpence that somebody had given him for you. I suppose you will know all about it: but I am unable to explain.

My coming to Peel was very unexpected; but I hope Providential, as the people seem to be very glad. Hitherto the friends have been remarkably kind, and I trust God will bless our labours. We have a very good Chapel—built in the Centenary year; and the House is like a Mansion, with a large Garden. My health is very good still, thank God; and I hope there is a little improvement in Mary Jane. The rest are as usual. Shall be glad to hear from you by an early post.. Yours very truly,


Myles C. Dixon was engaged in the Ramsey and Peel (Northern) Circuit for the three years 1847-49. The Rev. Edward Sumner was stationed in Douglas from 1843 to 1845.

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