From the Castle Rushen Papers.

Docket No. 135.


To the Hororable Cornelius Smelt, Lieut.
Governor of the Isle of Man, &c., &c.


The respectful Memorial of the principal Inhabitants of Castletown and it's Vicinity whose names are subscribed.

Represents to your Honor: That the Island is in the greatest pecuniary distress imaginable: That this distress proceeds not from the want of real property but from the impossibility of raising a shilling upon such property, the Island being completely drained to pay for it's Imports; the Herring Fishery which used to furnish the principal part of it's Exports having failed in the late Seasons. And the price of grain and other produce scarcely paying the expences of raising them.

In this distress the Island looks naturally and most anxiously and confidently to the wisdom of the Legislature for a remedy.

Your memorialists therefore humbly pray that your Honor will be pleased to appoint an early meeting of the Tynwald to take this most serious state of the Country into their Consideration.

And your memorialists will pray &c.

J. M. Jeffcott, M.D.
Isabela Gelling
Rich: Jones
Matte Harrison
J. T. Jennings
Thos Kinvig
A. L. Erving
Edwd Tellet
J C. Crellin
Wm Sheridan
Patr Crangle
John Lucas
Richard Cubbon .
Jos. Faulder
The Moore
Wm Callow
Robt. Kelly

Robert Kelly H.B.
William Quayle Adv.
Geo Quirk
J. Quirk Adv.
John Cain
Robt Cuninghame
Saml M. Looney
Robert Clague
Wm Harrison
George Harrison
Jas Dinwoody
Archibald Cregeen
Wm Dinwoody
Thomas Holmes
John Fitzsimmons
William Cain
Thos Drury
Thos Benson
Wm Kewley
John Kelly

There is no date to the memorial: it was probably about 1825. Cornelius Smelt's period as Governor was from 1805 to 1832.

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