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At the marriage of John Watterson and Elinor Kegg of Kirk Christ Rushen on 2nd Dec., 1681, the following gifts were promised:—


From Robert Kegge i lambe or i earlinge.
William Corrin i pail of barley or malt.
John Juke i dayes ploughing and a half.
John Shurlogue i dayes ploughing.
Uxor Watterson and her son i mutton.
John Taylor, Junr. i dayes ploughing.
Jo: Nelson i lambe.
Rich. Crebin i lambe.
John Watterson ye groome's brother iiid.
Mr. Thompson iiii kitchens of barley at Michaelmas next.
Wm. Taylor i lambe.
Jo: Harrison ii dayes ploughinge.

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