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To the Right Revd. Father in God, Mark, Lord Bishop of this Isle, and the Revd. Messy. Robert Radcliffe ~ Matthias Curghey Vicars Gen". The humble Petition of Robert Oats of Kirk Santan.

Sheweth,—That your petr unfortunately fell under the censure of your Revd. court, and non stands confined in Saint German's since the 19th July last, upon a presentment of the vicar of said parish without the concurrence of the wardens, for cohabiting with his married wife said vicar alledgeing that your peters wife was relict of John Quinney lately deceased who was uncle to your peter by the mother (yet so it is) that your peter did inadvertently get married and is under the solemn vows of matrimony wherein your peters wife has bore a child; yet nothwithstanding your Revd. court has order'd your peter and wife to be alternately committed in Saint German's untill they severally give Bonds of £3 Ad: Us: Dom: each, that they will not give offence of cohabiting together for the future, in which situation your petitioner is left condoling his misserable state and deprived of supporting his small growing familly.

Therefore your peter humbly implore your Lordship and the Revd. court to commisserate your peters case and upon bended knees begs your Lordship and the Reverd. court to take your poor unfortunate peters case into your tender and judicious consideration and grant your said peter a hearing in a full court and in the mean time his enlargement, wee granted your peter as in Duty bound shall pray &c.


At Bishops Court Augt. 15, 1755. On consideration of the above Peticon, ordered that the matters therein contained come on to be heard at our Consistory Court to be holden at Kk. Michael on Thursday the 21st inst. and in the meantime the Pets enlargement is granted till that day, provided he gives Bonds of £3 ad use Dom. to the Constable of Peel Castle, that he will carry on this Peticon to a hearing as directed as also charge Ann Quinney to appear on the time and place aforesd and likewise that he will not accompany wth the sd Ann Quinney except at Church and market until the matters of this peticon are determined according to Law-.

Mark Sodor & Man. Ro. Radcliffe. Matths Curghey.


At a Consistory Court holden at Kk. Michael Augt 21, 1755. Having this day fully heard the foregoing Peticon in presence of our Rt. Revd. Diocesan who has ordered and Decreed the Pete pretended marriage wth Ann Quinney to be Incestuous and void from the beginning. It is in the meantime hereby ordered that the sd Rob' Oates be remanded into St. German's prison there to remain till he gives Bonds to the purposes mentioned in our order by him complained off, as also that he will submit to such other censures as his LordsP or this court shall hereafter order, for his the sd Robt Oates's incest. And the forest order is likewise to be put into Execution ago the sd Ann Quinney.

Matths Curghey.

To the sumnr of Kk Michael or any other sumnr within this Isle to be forthwth executed and in case of disobedience a soldier to be applied for.

I do hereby certifye that pursuant to the above order I charged Robt Oates therein named to go with me to St. German's Prison, and that he refused to give obedience to sd order. Witness my mark to my name this 21St Augt, 1755.

John Caine sumnr of Kk Michael my mark X.

August 23, 1755. A Soldier is allowed. Basil Cochrane.

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