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1666. William Corkill (of Ballaughton) was presented by John Quilliam (of Cooilingil) the Sargeaunt of the Bishp's Barony for not paying the Lord Bishop ' the benevolence relateinge to oxe money.' Corkill was fined xiid.

1668. William Corkill (of Ballaughton) uttered ' a scandell ' against John Stole of Ballastole, that he had given ' a sweet' to Sargeant John Quilliam in the shape of ' a young goate.' The transaction could not be proved and Corkill was found guilty and fined xiid. by a jury of his neighbours.

1677. William Corkill sold to John Quilliam xiid. of the rent of Ballaghton. It was called 'the Lheaanee Rhunt or Round Meadow on ye east side of ye burne.' This was re-sold in 1683 to Phill Moore.

1685. The new Bishop Baptiste Levinz was installed in Peel Cathedral, 5th August. On the 13th August he presided at his Baron Court in Peel. All the Bishop's tenants were present, and the usual ' benevolence ' of an ox or xlS. was demanded of them.... ' And being called by ye poale, John Quilliam of Quoolingle being first called hath submitted himself wholly to his Lordship along with other tenants.

1696. Christo Stoale of Ballastoale was appointed Sargeant of the Southside instead of John Quilliam of Cooilingil.

1696. 'John Quilliam of Kirk Marown ' came into Governor Sankey's room and 'desired him 'ye said Governor to make him Coroner of 'ye Middle Sheading this ensuing year and at 'the same time offered him a paper of pearles ' which his honour looked upon to be designed ' and intended for a bribe.' This matter was referred to the Officers and Keys, who ordered Quilliam to be 'sets in ye Pillory upon Saturday ' next at Castletown for ye space of one hour and have his ears nailed "hereunto and to pay' a fine of ten pounds.'

1697. Dan: McYlrea was a Deemster acting in the Bishop's Barony Court on 29th May, 1697.

1719. John Quilliam gave to his daughter Jane and her husband John Kelly half of his estate of Cooilingil. Kelly had the upper portion adjoining to Archallaghan.


The above records are extracted from the Liber Episcopi.

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