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Enquest File 1720.—Whereas the Occupants of Ramsey Quarterland and all other Inhabitants of the sd Town have applyd to the Honorable Court for a Way to the Turbery where now they Cut their Turff which is situated in the Ayre Sheading and also Most of Kk. Maughold parish obliged and Constrained to Supply themselves in the said Turbery and having no direct Way to the sd Turbery have procured authority to Conveyn the Several Enquests to the Sheading to Mark and track out a sufficient way for the Severall occupants and Inhabitants above sd to their respective Dwellings which Authority is delivered to the respective Coroners and desired to execute the same accordingly.


We Whose Names are subscribed being the Great Enquest of the Garff Sheading Conven'd by authority to allow a Way to the Inhabitants of Ramsey Quarterland and all other Inhabitants of the said Town do find by the Annexed Depositions and Records—That the lane leading up from the east end of Edwd. Christian's house and so upwards by Cooil-ne-feeney and leading up by the Cooil-Renney as the said lane leads and So up Balla-Cowle's Largie and directly up to the Fell Gate has been a way time out of Mind for all thatt Made use of; or had occasion to pass therein and that the same was Nott anywise thro' permition there being hedges or fences Made on both sides of the said Way save only Ballacowle's Largie which hedges appears to be antient in the Most parse as well as the said way.

Therefore upon Consideration of the whole we leave the so way for the benefist of the Inhabitants of Ramsey Quarter and all other Inhabitants of the so Town to pass and repass therein as their occasion May or shall require and all others according to the Depositions hereunto annexed as allso we find that the so Way is the least prejudicial to the sd Turbery and this We return for our answer ass Witt our hands and Marks this first day of July 1720 - -





Dan Joughin X
Robt. Creech X
Ewan Corkill X
Robt. Christian X

Philip Clague X
John Clague X
Wm. Kneale X
Wm. Kelley X

Danl. Christian X
John Quay X
John Claigue X
James Christian X

1st July 1720.—The Great Enquest have delivered this the within Verdict to me.

DAN MYEREA. Exd. by Tho. Stowell.

Thomas Stowell was Clerk of the Rolls. He was one of the Stowells of Ballastole, Kirk Braddan from whence Jane Stowell, an ancestor of the Rev. T. E. Brown, came.

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