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A number of Manx soldiers who were in the English army under the Duke of Wellington were captured by Bonaparte in the autumn of 1811, and were kept prisoners of war in various parts of France. Here is a copy of a letter (which appeared in the 'Manks Advertiser' of 2 Nov., 1811), from R. Cannell, of Douglas, who appears to have been acting for a number of Manx people at home.

The following is a copy of a letter from Mr. R. Cannell of this town reporting the distribution of part of the money received by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of this diocese for the prisoners in France natives of this Island:—The remainder of the money has been forwarded, which, when distributed, will also be reported.

Longwy, Sept. 23, 1811.


Dear Friend,—Your favour of the 11th of June came to hand; also a remittance of £40, for which I received 661 livres 8 sols.—I wrote to the different depots and find there are 27 of our countrymen, among whom I impartially distributed as follows:

Some received 661 livres 8 sols
=Neat 618 livres 14 sols.
Postages, &c., 42 livres 8 sols
=27 men 22 ls 18 ss each.


The following are the names, etc.:—

At Cambrai—John Lace, Kk. Onchan; Thomas Faragher, Peel; Thos. Kermod Port St. Mary; Robert Quay, Kk. Maughold, Robert Kelly, Kk. Braddan; Robert Kail, Ramsey.

Givet. —Ross McKissack, Castletown, Ross Creer, do.; William Garrett, Douglas; William Benally, Foxdale.

Verdun.—Daniel Clarke, Peel; John Clague. Douglas

Besancon. — Thomas Radcliffe; John Parr Whittam; William Johnston; John Corlett, Douglas; Thomas Taubman, Castletown; Thomas Cannell, Kirk German; Edward Moore, Kk Andrews.

Longwy. — Thomas Cummings, Castletown; Patrick Kewley, Ballaugh; Michael Cowin, Peel, Robert Quayle, Ballasalley; Thos. Crellin, Peel.

Arras.—William Keig, Casteltown.

Sarre Louis.—Thomas Clucas, Kk. Marown.

I am informed of another named Thomas Lace, of Ramsey. I have as yet his part for him, as I do not know what depot he is at. Should he not be found before the balance comes to hand I shall add it thereto.

Enclosed you have receipts* for all except from Bescancon and Arras, from which places I have receipts, but wrote in such a manner that I cannot send them without forwarding you their letters, which contain a sheet of paper, therefore I think it unnecessary as you have all their names. Through each depot our countrymen express the greatest degree of gratitude and thanks to their generous countrymen. I wrote you on the 2nd July and on the 4th ult.,which I expect arrived, and which prevents me from troubling you with a long letter. I am, &c.,


*Mr. Cannell is in possession of the receipts which may be seen by applying to him.

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