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Document No. 127.


The following documents—the originals of which are in the Manx Museum Library—show that seven Christians of the one family served as Parish Clerk of Kirk Maughold, beginning with the date c. 1548 to 1688. They are:—

c. 1548 Ewaine Christin.
1593 Robert Christin, son of Ewaine.
1593 John Christin, son of Robert.
1648 Robert Christine, son of John.
? William Christian, grandson of Robert.
? Robert Christian, son of William.
1688 Robert Christian, son of Robert.


Henrie Earle of Derbie Lo: Stanley and Straunge Lorde of Manne and thyles Knight of the most honorable order of the Garter Lord Lieutenante of the Counties Palantine of Lancaster and Chester and the Citie of Chester, and Chamberleine of the sayd Countie Palantine of Chester and one of the Lords of her Mats most honorable Privie Counsell, to my Lieutenante Captaine Receivers Comptroller Water-bayliff and all and evrie other my schyeffe officers of and wthinn my sayd Isle of Man greeting:

Knowe yee we the sayde Earle for divas good causes and consideracons me moving and especially for ye sume of fyve poundes of good and lawfull money of Englande to me payed by the handes of Robt Christin of the pish of St. Maghalde in the sayde Isle, To have given graunted, demised left and sett ovr to the sayd Robert Christine and John Christine sonne of the sayde Robert the Clerkeshipp of the sayd pish of St. Maghalde togither wth all Gleebes Comodites and Profiles any waye thereunto apteining, To have and to horde the sayd Clerkeshipp wth all maner Comodites Gleebes, P'fittes liberties and easmentes whatsoev' "hereunto belonging in as large and beneficia!l maner as any heretofore occupying the sayde Clerkeshipp have had, used and enjoyed the same to the sayde Roberte Christin and John Christin during the natural! Iyfe of the sayde Robert from and immediatelie after the deceasse of Ewaine Christine father unto the sayde Roberte: willing as well you my sayd officers to be ayding and assisting to the sayde Roberte and John as also all and evrie the pishioners of the sayde pishe in the due execution of the sayd prmisses.

Geven under my hande and seale at my Manor of Lathom the three and twentieth daye of June A° dni 1593.



Henry the Fourth Earl of Derby is said to have died on 25th September, 1592, but the date 1593 is quite clear on the MS. in the Museum. Henry was one of the peers on the occasion of the trial of Mary Queen of Scots.



Md [memorandum]: That in regarde of the sufficiencie for good competent measure I finde in John Christyn the sonne of Robert Christyn above namyd I doe admytte him as substytute for his sayd father accordinge to this honorable graunte, duringe his sayd father's lyffe, provided allwayes tree doe hyt accordinge to the lawes and Canons ecclesiastical!, in wytnes whereof I have subscrybed my name the 14th of Januarie A° dni. 1605 . . .


John Meryk was the Lord Bishop (1576-1599.)


To the right hobo James Lord Straunge

Lorde of Man and the Isles.

The humble petition of the prishioners of

KK. Maughauld.

Whereas on [e] Robt. Christine of the sd prishe now houldeth the clarkes place thereof by the election of the sd prishioners and the approbation of yor hot (as all the House of the sd Robt by the like election and approbation have houlden and continued the same wthout the compa8 of the memorie of man) and the sd Robt by the good likinge and consent of the sd prishioners haith assigned his terme of the sd clarkes place to Willim Christine grandchile to him the sd Robt.

They the sd preshioners whose names are underwritten, doe humblie pray that yor her would be pleased after the expiration of the sd terme to approve theire election of the sd Willm in conferringethe sd clarkes place on him before any other either duringe lieffe or for such terme of yeares as other shall hould the like place by yor hots graunt or confirmation. So shall they as ever bound pray for yor hor happiness.

Robett Christian lewaig
John Kerishe [Kerruish]
Robett Callowe
Donold Callowe
Wm Cowell
Rychard Cowell
Wm Cottingam
Ewan Kerish
Jo: Quartin [Corteen]
Ewan Quartin

John Christin
John Moreson
Edman Christin
Christopher ffaill
John Christin
Wm Corkill
Wm Corled
ffard. ffoxe
Robett Courghie
William Standish



Rychard Cottingam :Henry Christin

Wm Quartin Pat Corkill

Rychard Callan Wm Christin

Wm Corkill Robett Christin

Doncon Co-westen John Stoll


Donold Codin ? Donold Kerish

Donold Cowesten Evan Christin

Wm Callowe Phillip Cowell

Donold Joughen Ed: Christin

Pat Cowell Edman Corkill

Thomas Callowe James Corled

J ohn Woods Wm Food

Donold Callowe Nycholas Christin

John Christin Pat Kerishe

Donold Curmin Evan Christin


[Kermeen] Robett Kerishe


~Wm Christin Wm Kerishe


"Christopher Callowe Donold Calline

John Kerish Robett Kerishe

Wm Callowe . Donold Corkill

John Kerishe Wm Callow

Edward Christin Pat.Corkill:

:Donold Kerish John Cannan

John Christin Robert Corkill

Wm Knakill Wm Clucas

:Donold Cowell Wm Lowney

Madman Callowe Wm Quarke

Wm Christin John Quarke

Edman Christin John Curmine

John Cowesten Edward, Corkill

John Corkill Phillip Coleish

Donold Corkill [Quilleash

John Gellin Wm Quartin

Donold Corkill Donold Cottingam

John Corkill ~ Wm Corkill

Pat Cowell Donold Corde

Donold Kneale John Ke'rmode

Wm Stoll Wm Christen

Robett Cowell Donold Christin

Wm Casment Robett Callow

Donold Casement Wm Christin

Pat Callowe James Coleish ' ':


' Almost all of the above signed with their marks.


I doe hereby testifie yt ye Forenamed Will: Christin is a man fitt to discharge ye saide Clerks place and doe like of him and for what it belongeth to me allowe of him.

Aprill ye 4th

1648 Ro: Allen. 

In Manx Soc. Vol. xxix, Robert Allen is set down as commencing in 1660. It would appear from this document that he was vicar of Kk. Maughold in 1648. He died in June, 1666.


c. 1688.


To the Right Revel father [ . ]
devine permission. Ld [ . . ]
The humble Peticon [of the Parishioners of ] KK. Maughall. 

Shewing unto yor Lordship how that in July [ . . . ] almighty God in his wise providence to take [ . . . ] soule of one Will. Christian our late Pish Clerk [ . . . ] comported himselfe most his life time humbly and [ . . . ] sight of all his neighbours; dischardged the duty to our very great content and satisfaction; and [ .,. . ] told that his Father and grandfathr before him [ . . . ] same Imploy successively well nigh one hundred [ . . . ] Inclines us to believe that they have not onely [ . . . ] of honest conversacon; but very well though of [ . . . ] reverend Bishops in their several! Generations.

And now there is one Robrt Christian of the [ . . . ] age. Heyre to the Sd Will; and betwixt thi [ . . . ] yeares of Age; that from his youth we have [ . . . ] have Lived a sober Life, and we believe [ . . . ] fyed to succeed his Ancestors; if it may pi [ . . . ] ship to thinl: well of him.

To yor benign candour we humbly recommend [ . . . ] earnestly requesting yt yor Ld-ship may be [ . . . ] him a Collation for the Sd Clearkship; v[ . . . ] to our Contents and obliedge us to pray that [ . . . ] may long Live our wise guide and ghostly ff[ . . . ] God's grace wee shall comfort our selves, yor m[ . . . ] sons and servants.

Edward C [ . . . ] Edwd [ . . . ]

John Ch[ . . . ] D [ . . . ]

John Ch [ . . . ] Jo [ . . . ]

Will [.] J [ . .]

The edges of the above document are badly broken.

My Lord

The pson recomended is very fitt both in respect of his situation and qualification to be Clearke of Or Parish and his acceptance will oblige My Lord yor Ldships must humble devout and most faithft' serv'S

Nich Christian Thomas Aisco[ugh]
Thomas Allen John Quay[ . . .]
John Martin John W[ . . .]
Robert Kerish William [ . . .]
Euan Kerish



To all Xtianpeople whom it may concern and more particularly to the parishionrS of K k Maughold and Inhabitants of the Town of Ramsey in the diocese of Man, Baptist by divine pmission Lord Bop of Sodor and Mann sendeth greeting.

Know ye that the sd Bishop having received a Certificate of the good life and Conversation of Robert Christian of the parish of K. Maughold afforesd and of his Sufficiency for reading and writhing, and alsoe of his Competent skill in singing wch qualifyes him for ye Capacity of a parish clerks office, and also haveing received from St Thomas Allen Minister of the sd place a recomendation or nomination of him the so Robt to be parish Clerk of the parish and Church qf K. Maughold. Doe hereby approve and ratyfye the sd nomination, and doe confirm his continuance in the sd office of Clerkship, requiring all the parishonrs of the sd parish hereby to take notice of our sd approbation of their Parish Clerk so nominated, Canonically Chosen and approved of willing them to pay unto him all the antient wages without fraud or diminution at such times as hath been accustomed as the Ecclesiasticall Laws of this Island doe in that behalf require.

Given undr our hand at Bops Court and Epal seal this fifth day of Octobr in the year of our Lord 1688



Baptista Levinz, Bishop 1684 to 1692. He was installed in St. German's Cathedral 5th August, 1685. He was buried in Winchester Cathedral. aged 49.

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