From the Castle Rushen Papers.

Document No. 126.


We the Setting Quest of the Parish of Kk Malew whose names are subscribed, with the advice and assistance of several Old Moars, have appointed the Moarship to be perform’d as followeth, comenceing the year 1704

Impr Randolsway, Anno 1704. Robt. Wanright 1705. William Fargher of Skibbrick for half a quarter of Land called Balabegg, wth the Flatts about Castletown for 1706. Tho: Woods and John Quiney 1707. Robt Brew 1708. Randolsway 1709. William Duckan & partners 1710. John Quaile Ballatrollogg 1711. Mr. Turner Colcott 1712. Mr. Stevenson of Balladool for Scarlet 1713. Randolsway 1714. Knockrushen 1715. Robt Ceesar 1716. William Quaile & partner 1717. Tho: Maddrll & pners 1718. Randolsway 1719. John Bridson & pners 1720. Tho: Quiggin & partners 1721. David Cubbon & pners 1722. William Clucas 1723. Randolsway 1724. Tho. Bridson & pners 1725. Mr. Turner Calcott 1726. Mr. John Stevenson 1727. Knock-rushen 1728. Mr. John Norris of Scarlett 1729.

Feb. 27th 1705. The above settlement is made by us.

William Quaile my mk x
John Bridson my mk x
Robt Cesar
John Bridson

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