Document No. 124.

Deposition of John Teare Loughcroute At Peeletowne the 9th of 1662.

Jo Tear of Lougheroute of Jurby sworn and examined sayth that he knew nothing of Wm McYlrea having a hand in the rising of the country, but that the same night the country rose the said Wm being a private man without any comand was amongst them and marched with them to Sulby and from there to Ramsey and so to the Loyal Fort where the said McYlrea with the examinant and others was comanded to stay and did accordingly stay till Sunday following the English Army came and took the same.

And that the said Wm McYlrea was not out of their company nor in any other part of the country all the said time has afforesaid and further saith not.

John Teare his mk x

Note: Among the descendants of John Teare are the present owner of Loughcroute, Mr. Dan Teare, C.P., M.H.K., and Mr. J. J. Teare, the last Serjeant of the Northern Bishop’s Barony.


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