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[Note: The following two documents are to be found among the official papers relating to the Rising of 1651, but were not published in the Manx Society’s volume xxvi ‘ Illiam Dhone and the Manx Rebellion.’

William McYlrea, The Dollough, retained the favour of the Stanleys and was appointed Captain of Ballaugh. In the next three generations the Dollough family produced two Deemsters and an Attorney-General.]

To the worshpfll Richard Sheringon Esq Governor of this Isle The Petition of William Macylrea humbly showeth That

Yr peticoner being informed that some psons hath layd to his charge that he had a hand in the rising of the country and that he was on the south Pt of the Isle much active therein wch yor peticonr doe finde himselfe much agreved therewth yt being that web doe so much smite on his credit and reputacon and being conscious to himself that he was altogether ffree from any such thing.

Yor peticonr doe humbly crave that your worpp will grant yor order that such psons might be brought before yor worpp who is able to cleare yor peticoner from this assertion as also to witnesse his faithfullness to the Honble house of Derbye being comanded to the ffort called Loyall fort and continuing there the whole time and your peticonr as bound shall ever, etc.

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