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At a Court held in Ramsey, fforasmuch ... that W. Keey of Kirk Andreas came to the sumner of the sd pish upon Sunday the 26th May ... before morning prayer and acquainted him that Jony Cowle widow was seen in his Lands upon May Day in the morning with her petty coats about her head or nect and that he thought she was in no good wayes (which is as understood that he suspected her of sorcery) and therefore desired the sumner to publish the same to the conggacon to the end they might give her the curse of the Church which has been an old obsolete custom practiced in this Island in cases of ye Nature,

It is therefore ordered that the sd Wm Keey shall make 3 Sundayes penance and ask the foresaid Jony Cowle forgiveness who is known to be an honest woman and publicacon to he made that no man shall revive the sd slander or upbraid the sd Jony Cowle.

10 June 1695

John Christian
Sam Watleworth


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