The pleasant road running seaward from Regaby Gate passes through a shallow glen drained by a stream which enters Ramsey Bay at the unattractively named Dog Mills. The presentment given below reveals that the ancient and now forgotten name of the glen was Glion Keeil Pharic and that the local keeil was (as has been already conjectured) dedicated to St. Patrick.


Lib. Scacc. March 2, 1724-5.

Document No. 120.

To the worshipfull officers in Court.

These are to certifie yt ye Bridge of Glonkilifarick in ye parish of KK Bride is out of repair which belongs to Jo" Castill of ye sd parish & William Casement of KK Christ of Ary, Therefore doe psent them for ye same this is certified by me.

William Christian, overseer of ye sd parish.


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