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The manner of issuing a precept for a Convocation of the Clergy in early times is well illustrated by the following document, dated 21st May, 1781, the original of which is in the Manx Museum

Douglas, 21st May, 1781.

The several Rectors, Vicars, Captains and Curates within the Diocese of Mann.

Revd Gent",—I am directed by the Rt Revd. the Lord Bishop to inform you, that his Lordship purposes (God willing) to hold a Convocation in the School-house in the Parish of KK Michael upon Thursday in Whitsun week next, where you are required to convene, by eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon of the same Day, if not prevented by Indisposition or some other sufficient cause, and to bring along with you as usual Copies of your parochial Registers of Marriages, Baptizms & Burials attested by your-selves and Churchwardens & commencing from your last returns made of your respective Registers. And his Lordship also desires that if any of you have any business to be transacted or any matter or thing to be proposed, discuss’d or resolv’d upon in sd Convocation, that he will expect to be made acquainted therewith in Writing at least One Week before, Otherwise his Lordship must be excused from Attending thereto.

I am gentn your most obt humble servant

Calcott Heywood
Epl Reg:

P.S. Let these be forwarded in the usual manner & as expeditiously as possible.

Braddan, May 21. 1781. Received at 2 o’ clock afternoon, & forthwith forwarded to the Revd. Vicr of Marown by Tho. W. Woods.

K.K. Marown, May 21st. 1781. Recd about five o’ Clock in the afternoon, and forwarded immediately to the Chaplain of St Marks by Thos. CHRISTIAN Vicar of Marown.

St. Mark’s, May 21st. 1781. Recd about Eight O’Clock P.M. and forwarded early next Morning to the Revd. Vicar Gen’. Crebbin by DAVID HARRISON.

St. Ann’s, May 22d. 1781. Rect. at Seven O’Clock in the Morning and forwarded immediately to the Rev’. M. William Clucas Vicar General. Chas. CREBBIN.

Malew May 22d. 1781. Rec’. in the Afternoon & forwarded forthwith to the Rev". Mr. Castley. Wm. CLUCAS.

Castletown 22d May 1781. Rec’. about 8 o’clock at night & forwarded immediately to the Revd. M Moore of Kirk Arbory by me. Ths. CASTLEY.

KK Arbory May 23 — 1781. Rec’ at about 11 o’clock & forwarded immediately to the Vcr. of Rushen. Joh. MOORE.

Rushen May 23. 1781. Recd about one o’the Clock P.M. and forwarded to the Vicr of KK Patrick. Nichs. CHRISTIAN.

KK Patrick 24th. May 1781. Reed about 11 O’Clock in the Forenoon, and forwarded to the Revd. M’ Corlet Vicar of KK German by Ew : CHRISTIAN.

Peeltown May 24th 1781. Recd. about 2 0’ clock P.M. & forwarded to the Rev’. Mr. Clague Curate of KK Michael by HENRY CORLE’TT.

KK Michael, May 25th. 1781. Received at 9 o'Clock last Night and forwarded this Morning by 6 0 Clock to the Revd. Mr. Gelling Rector of Ballaugh. P me JOHN CLAGUE.

St. Mary’s Ballaugh May 25. 81. Recd. at 8 o’Clock in the Morn & forwarded forthwith to The Revd Vicar of Jurby by me DANIEL GELLING.

Jurby May 25th1781. Recd abt ten of ye Clock in ye Forenoon & forwarded immediately to ye Revd. M’S. Archdeacon by Wm. CREBBIN.

KK Andreas 25th May 1781. Recd in the Evening, and delivered to the Curate of KK Bride. W : MYLREA.

KK Andreas 25th May 1781. Recd late in the Evening & delivered to the Sumner to be forwarded as usual. DAN MYLREA.

Lezayre May 26 1781. Received in the morning about 9 o Clock and forwarded immediately to the Revd. W. Crelling. JOHN MOORE.

Ramsey 26th May 1781. Recd at Ten in the Mor. & forwarded forthwith to Revd. Mr. Cubbon. JOHN CRELLIN

KK. Maughold May 26 : 1781. Recd. abt. 2 o’Clock P.M. & forwarded to the Rev’. M". Gill Vicar of Lonan by Thos CUBBON.

KK Lonan May 27th 1781. Received at nine o’Clock in the forenoon & forwarded at one p.m. to the Rev". M". Quayle Vicar of Conchan by me Sam1. GELL.

Onchan May 27th 1781. Recd about 3 o’Clock in the afternoon and forwarded about four to the Revd Mr. Moore Chaplain of Douglas by me Thos QUAYLE.

Douglas May 27th 1781 — Sunday Evening recd. — and returned to the Episcopal Register Next Morning by Me Ph : MOORE.


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