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In obedience to the honble Govr Directions; I doe hereby certify that the parrishonni of the Air Sheading (viz) Kk Christs, Kk Andrews, and Kk Bride (being assembled together at the usual place of meeting near Ramsey) have unanimo[us]ly agreed, and without contradiction voted for and made [c]hoice of Ewan Christian of Miltown Eqr. for them and in their behalf to treat with our Hon’ Lords Commissioners in matters relating to their tenures ; To which I required them to subscribe their names, but they refused, in regard there was no competition. I gave them notice also that if any person thought fit to threat [treat] singularly in their own behalf, they might. the truth of the premises I doe hereby certify as wittness my subscription this 25 day of June 1700.

Da : Lace, Coror Ayre Sheading.

Being by and in place at the meeting above sd, upon the Coroner's Request we do certify the truth of the above certificate.

Robert Parr
John Curghey
Matth. Curghey

It will be noted, first, the words ‘ being ‘ assembled together at the usual place of meeting ‘ near Ramsey.’ This was very probably the site of the ‘ fort ‘ which is marked on the 6in. and 1 in. Ord. maps, on the broogh north of the Mooragh and overlooking the sea. It was anciently called ‘ Hangman’s Hill,’ and was in the year 1626 a place for the Day Watch. But the site may have been at Ballure Old Church. It is worthy of note, too, that Daniel Lace, the Coroner of the Sheading, required the voters to subscribe their names, but they ‘ refused in regard there was no competition.’ Eventually Ewan Christian of Milntown, John Stevenson of Balladoole, and Ewan Christian of Lewaigue were delegated by the Keys to treat with Earl James and succeeded in securing for the Manx people this great charter.

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