Castle Rushen Papers.

Document No. 110.


25th June, 1700.

We whose names are here under written have chosen and appointed Mr. John Stevenson of baledule [Balladoole] to treat and agree with our Honorable lord or such Commissionrs as his Lordship will appoint for the settlement of a tenure to our holdings in this Island have sub-scribed our names as follows:

We whose names are under written being officers of Kk Arbory, Kk Malew and Kk Christ doe certifi that the bove said parishes did all in generall vote for the above said Mr. John Stevenson to treat with our Honorable Lord or his Commissioners in their behalf.

John Stevenson
Hen. Norris
Jon Bridson

This is truth by vartue of oath as wetnes my hand the day and yere A bufe writen

John Quail Coronr of Rushen Sheding.


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