The Manx Magna Charta.

Two hitherto unpublished documents (103 and 104) relating to the election in A.D. 1700 of selected men of the Sheadings to 'make known our requests and treat with our Honble Commissionrs touching our houldings,’ were given in our last issue. The account of the election in Garff Sheading showed that there were several women voters. it is now proposed to include in the series the accounts of the elections in the other Sheadings, namely, Glanfaba (109), Rushen (110), Kirk Michael (111), Ayre (112).

From the Castle Rushen Papers.

Document No. 109.


Honrble Govr,

Wee the Inhabitants of Glanfaba Sheading being this day mett in observance of yo’ Honts derection to chuse and elect a man for this Sheading have accordingly made choice of and elected the minister of our parishes Mr. Sam Wattleworth to treat with our Honrble Lord’s Commissinrs touching ye settlement of our respective tenemts and humbly desireing he may be accepted. In testimonie whereof wee have subscribed our names and mrks this 25th June. 1700.

KK. Pattricke.

Sill. Ratcliffe
Rich. Quay
phillip Quirke
phillP Kelley
John Quillam
Wilim Killey
John Karran
Phillp Cubbon
Tho. Ratcliffe
Will. Knikell
Will. Quicke
Tho: Ratcliffe
Jo: Killey
Tho: Moare
Tho: Cosnahan

Hen Killey
Will. Halsall
Rich Clucas
Jo: Quirke
patt Quaile
Jo: Kewne
Jo: Clucas
Jo: Leace
Jo: Quirke
Will. Gell
Tho. Quine
Hen Quillam
Jo. Quirke
Will. Cotter
Jo. Cotter


Tho. Woods
Robt. Cannell
Jo: Woods
Jo. Kaghen
Jo: Caine
Jo. Tayler
Jo. Cowley
Jo. Cowley
Will. Cannell
Will, Killey
Will. Mclecries
Will. Quirke
Hugh Shimmin
Jo. Saile
Char. Shimmin
philip Gell
Sill. Gell
patt Crellin
Gilbt Kelley
Hen: Crellin
Will Craine
Gilbt Craine
Tho. Mclecriest
phillip Crellin
Jo: Shimmin
phillip Crosse
patt. Kewley
Jo: Kewley
Hen. Crellin
Jo. Gell
Nich. Gell

Will Kaghen
Tho. Gawn
Jo. Quay
Gilbt Cowin
Will. Craine
Tho. Gell
patt. Kewley
Nich. Kewley
phillp Kelley
Will. Kelley
Gilbt Mclecriest
Will. Quine
phin Gell
Jo. Quirke
Jo. Killey
Dan Mcleworey
Jo: Craine
phillip Clucas
James tunman
patt. Crellin
Jo. Crellin
Sill. Mclecreist
Will Corras
Will. Clarke
Tho. Dawson
Oates Clucas
Sill Crosse
Will Quirke
Sill. Caine
Jo. Caine
Jo. Shiminin

The signatures were those of landowners only. All attached their marks excepting Sill : Radcliffe, Jo : Woods, and Will : Craine. The Rev. Samuel Wattleworth was not a landowner and his election was not confirmed by the twenty-four Keys. He was vicar of Kirk German from 1682 to 1710, and from that date to 1718 he was Archdeacon and Rector of Kirk Andreas. His remains lie in St. German’s Cathedral, where there is a mutilated headstone with the words:

‘ In memory of Mr. Sam Wattleworth, Arch-deacon of this Island and Lover of his country, ‘ who was interred Dec. 23, 1718, aged 72 years.’


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