From the Diocesan Registry.

Document No. 108.


William Caley presented for pushing his staff through ye slates of ye church. To make reparacon if there be any harm done,

Margaret Caisment for carrying a paile from ye Gill to Ed : Gill’s house on Sunday evening in ye time of Evening Prayer. Reformance.

Marjory Kneal for ye like. ut supra. [as above]

Katherine Quaile presented for not coming to Church. To forfeit iiijd. p. Sunday according to ye order of the Convocation.

William Curghey and Jane Christey presented for fornicacon. 3 days in Eccia., a week’s imprisonment, and to give bonds to perform penance. Phil. Goldsmith pledge.

Joney Kewish psented for cursing. Una dies in Eccia. Penance performed as certified by the Vicar.

Ann Curghey presented for ye like. ut supra..

Dan McnaMeare p’sented for carrying a poak from ye Milne on Sunday evening. To acknowledge his fault in Eccia.

Robert Crow for not coming to Church. ut supra.

David Coule p’sented for calling William Curlet (one of the Chapter Quest) the sone of a bitch. Referred to tryall.

Philip Curlett
Thomas Crow

William Quaile
John Christian


William Curlett
Edward Garrett

William Kewish
John Conley

Chapter Quest.

Delivered by the Minister in their behalf 12 No. 1684.

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