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To all Christian people whom it may concern and more particularly to the parishioners of KK Christ Lez Ayre and inhabitants thereof. .

Baptist by divine permission Lord Bop of this Isle Sendeth greeting.

Know ye that we the said Bishop having received a Certificate of the good life and conversation of Edmond Corlett of the parish of KK Christ, Lezayre, aforesaid, and of his sufficiency for reading and writeing and alsoe of his competent skill in singing, wch qualifyes him for the capacity of a parish clerk’s office, and alsoe have-ing received from Sir Robert Parr minister of the said place a recommendation, nomination or Election of him the said Edmond to be parish Clerk . . . doe hereby approve and ratifie the said nomination, and doe confirme his continuance . . . requiring all the parishionrs . . .hereby to take notice of our sd approbation of their parish clerk soe nominated canonically chosen and Approved off:

Willing them to pay unto him all the antient wages without fraud or diminution at such times as hath been accustomed as the Ecclesiasticall Laws of this Isleand doe in that behalf require.

Given undr our hands att Bishopscourt and Epãl. Seal this 12th day of February in ye yeare of our Lord 1688/9.

Bapt : Sodor and Man.

Baptist Levinz was Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man from 1684 to 1693, after which the See was vacant until Thomas Wilson was appointed in 1698.

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