From the Castle Rushen Papers.

Document No. 104.


Att St. Johns Chappell the 27th July Ano Dmi 1703.

We the 24 Keyes the Representatives of this Isle whose names are subscribed doe hereby nominate and appoint Ewan Christian of Unrigg in the County of Cumberland John Stevenson of Balladoole Gentl and Mr Ewan Christi[an] of Lewaige both of the Isle of Mann to treat with the Rig[ht] Honlb James Earle of Derby Lord of this Isle or such other persons as his Lordshipp shall appoint for the Settling of the Tenants and Inhabitts of this Island in their respective Tenures and holdings, and whatever agreemt or Settlement shall be made and agreed upon betwixt his Lordshipp or such persons as shall be Comissioned by him as afforesaid, the above named Ewan Christian Esq, John Stevenson [?Esq] & Mr Ewan Christian of Lewaige we do hereby bind a[nd] oblige ourselves to stand to and abide the same to [ ?all] intents and purposes as if the same were done person[ally] by ourselves. In witness whereof we have hereunto put our hands the day & yeare above written

.. Corlett
John Harrison
John Curlett

Tho. Stevenson
Cha. Moore
Nich. Christian
Sill. Ratcliffe
Jo. Wattlewo [rth]
Nicho. Thompson

[Endorsed] July 27°’ 1703

The 24 Keys Comeon [Commission]

to Mr Christian Mr Stevenson etc. upon ye Settlement.


John Bridson
James Christian
Robt. Curghey
Thomas Christian
John Oates
Will. Christian
James Clarke
Robert Christian
James Oates
Roberte Moore
Dan Lace.

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