The Manx Magna Charta.


At Tynwald on the 6th of June, 1703, was promulgated ‘ the Act of Settlement.’ The benefits which later generations have experienced from it (says Sir Spencer Walpole)’ ‘ may be inferred from the name which has since been regularly but more familiarly applied to it, for it is now known as the Manx Magna Charta. the great charter of the Manx people.’ In this document the interesting fact is disclosed that women had, at this early date, the privilege of voting.‘ The Land of Home Rule,’ 1893.

Castle Rushen Papers

Document No. 103.


Tusday the 25th of June 1700

Wee whose names are hereto subscribed of ye Garfe Sheading being conveind together to give our votes for one selected man in ye Sd Sheading to make known our requests and treat with our Honble Commissionrs touching our houldings under his Honr~~ Lord (sic) have given our mutuall consents, yt Mr. Ewan Christian of Leauge should oficiate the same in our behalves As wittness our hands the day and yeare above written


Edward Moore my mk
Robert Huddleston
John Cannel
Will Quall my mk —j
Gilbert Chubbon my mk G
Robert Kely
Christopher ffittsimmins my mk C
Gilbert Looney my mk G
Henerie Hutchinmy mk H
Robt Lewin my mk R
thos Huggin my mk T
Robt. Key my mk R
Edward Kelley my mk E
J eames Cotteene my mk
Tho: Steane my mk T
Gilbert Smith my mk G
John Bridson my mk I
John Quine my marke

Thomas Christian
Phillip Christian my mk P
John Coultrie
Wilim Cannell my mk Q
Patrick Cubbin my mk P
John Thorpe
John Vinch my mk I
Phillip Cloaige my mk I
Phillip Cannell my mk
Willtm Cowle my mk W
Richert Killey my mk
Willm Kusage my mk
John Cloaige my mk I
Mathew Kelley my mk M
John Kelley
Thomas Joyner
Tho. Teare my mk T
David Christian
John Christian


John Christian my mk I
Daniell Christian my mk D.
Tho Christian
John Cannell my mk I
Silvester Quine my mk S
Willm Kewley my mk W
Robt Watterson my mk R
Tho : ffaile my mk T
John Christian my mk j
Jeames Christian my mk I
Daniell Christian my mk D

John Moore my mk I
Tho : Watterson my mk T
Tho: Cannon my mk T
John Kewley my mk I
John Oates my mk I
Tho Christian my mk T
Willtm Cowin my mk W
John Joyner my mk I
Robt Cowin my m R
John Kewley my mk I
Daniell Christian my mk D
Robt Creere my mk R
Robt Callow


Edm Christian
John Stole my mk I
Daniell Stole my mk D
John Nicolson my mk I
Edward Martine my mk F..
Edward Martine my mk E.
John Kelivie
Edward Christian
Tho: Corlett my mk T.
John Sunter my mk I
William Curghey
Edmon Martin
Will" Kewley my W
Edward ffaile my mk E.
John Christian my mk I
Willm Looney my mk W
Daniell Corkill my mk D.
Willm Kneen my mk W
Willm Croe my mk W
Phillip ffaile my mk P.
John Kermeene my mk I
Thomas Fox
John Fox
Euan Kerish my mk E.
John Cashin my mk I
Edmond Callow my mk ]
Willtm Christian my mk W
Willm Kerish my mk W
Robt Kerish my m R.
Robt Cowill my mk R.
Willm Calow my mk W
Robt Cottiman my mk R.
Chritopher Calow my mk C
Wilim Calow my mk W
Phillip Casshin my mk P.

Willtm Christian my nik W
Patrick Killey my mk P
Robt Christian my m R
Willm Quay my mk W
Patrick Kerish my mk P. (? Kewish)
Daaniell Corlett my mk D
John Kerrish my mk I
Willm Corkill my mk W
Jeames Corlett my m I
Daniel Joahan my mk )
Willm Kermeene my mk W
Daniell Calow my mk D
Willm Corkill my mk W
Robt Costeen my m R
Willm Kinish my mk W
Wilim Woods my mk W
Willm Calow my mk W
Daniell Cowill my mk D
Wilim Corkill my m W
Hugh Qorke my m H.
John Corkill my mk I
John Charran my mk I
Tho. Corteene my mk T.
Margaret Collestor my mk M
Richert Kermott my mk R
Mrs. Jeane Allin my mk I
Edmond Christian my mk E.
Joney Cottiman my mk
Robt Quay my mk R.
John Stole my mk I
f’hillip Colease my mk F’.


Willm Kewley my mk W
John Kewley my mk I
J ohn Teare my mk I
John Hog my mk I
John Quark my mk J
ffinlo Cloaige my mk F
Micheel Kewley my mk M
Edward Kewley my mk E
Edward Kewley my mk E.
Willw Kneale my mk W
Tho : Cowin my mk T.
John Crellin my mk I
John Quarke my mk I
Daniell Kermott my mk D.
Willm Laurance my mk W
Tho: Jeamson my mk T.
Jeams Corrin my mk I
Tho: Cloaige my mk T
ffinlo Cloaige my mk F
John ffargher my mk I
John Kneakell
John Faile my mk l
John Quine my mk I
Crowilt Quay
Phillip Cottiene my mk P
Gilbert Brew my mk G.
Phillip Colliter my mk P.
John Kermott my m I
Willm Corring my mk W

Willm Charrett my mk
William Qualtrough
Willm Corring (sic) my mk W
Tho : Kneale my mk T.
Daniell Lowey my mk D.
John Moore my mk
PhIllip Kewley my mk L’.
Tho: Brew my mk T.
Euan Corkill my mk E.
John Quine my mk J
Phillip Cowin my mk P.
Jeames Looney my mk f
Jeames ffaill my mk I
Phillip Cloaige my mk P.
Tho: ffargher my rnk T.
John Killey my mk I
Phillip Kewley my mk P.
Willm Stole my mk W
ffinloe Quark my mk F
Phillip Moore my imk P.
Tho: Christian my mk T.
Margaret Cowin my mk M
Willm Kneale my mk W
Daniell Quarke my mk D
Willm Looney my mk W
Phillip Cowin my mk P
Henery Parr
Tho: Skillicorne my mk T.
Jeames Callow my mk I
John Skillicorne my mk ’ I

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