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Document No. 101.



Messrs. Pat. Karran & Henry Gaile

To John Walker &c.


£ s. d.

To an acount as per admeasuerment for makeing the Barrakes in Peeltowen

392 19 6½

For extra work made for Do

49 0 0

To damage made by the House of Keays

80 0 0


£521 19 6½

All cost of the suite to be aded. -

Note.-The erection of a Barracks at Peel is somewhat of a mystery : very little is known about such a building. The reference to the 'damage made by the house of Keays' is strange to say the least, and asks for explanation ; while the note at the foot would signify that law proceedings were about to take place regarding the payment of the account. Mr. C. H. Cowley is of the opinion that the building is on the Shore-road at the corner of Queen-street, recently Cain's, and now Palmer's restaurant.

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