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The presentments of ye chapter quest of Ballaugh parish namely Phinlo Craine Tho : Craine Addam Cottiam Gilbert Cowley as followeth the 29th June 1664.

Who prsent upon comon fame Margret Carrett went to one Ewan Corkill a sorcerer for charmes.

Alsoe Jo : Steane for a charme to his wife & Phinlo Quaile or his brother Jo : Quaile for a charme for Win Mac Ylrea his wife ff [sic] Jo : Corlett for father Dollin Corlett and severall others upon the complaint of Tho : Caley & Wm. Bodaugh also sought to him for a charme to cure his disease some part of these the sd Sorcerer confessed [to?] Parson Parre came to him for remedie or cure as aforesd.

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