From the Episcopal Register 1674.

Document No. 91.



We the Churchwardens and Chapt : quest of Arbory doe make our prsentments as followeth We prsent our vicar Mr Sam: Robinson for not preachinge in Manxe or readinge a chapter in Manxe

[Endorsement of Eccl. Court] ordered to reforme sub poena xxd to the poore of the piste to be taken by ye churchwardens.

We likewise prsent him the sd Mr. Robinson for not keepeing School att all for a long season nor reads prayers on fridayes or wednesdayes. [Endorsement]

Issabb Quiggin is ordered to teach school and have the sallary till further orders according to our ordinary [the Bishop's] pleasure.

We prsent Marriott and Mary Churghy for absenting themselves constantly from church [Endorsement]

to reforme speedyly sub poena xxd ad Robt : Cubon his mrke X Wardens John Corun „

John Lowey „

William Cluag „

Tho : Cannell Chapter quest John Coruin

John Kenvige William Caisten

Note. - Samuel Robinson was school-master in Kirk Arbory for a long period. He became a fully-qualified Vicar on 23rd April, 1680, and he was Vicar of Kirk Arbory until 1713, when the Rev. Robert Parr of Parrville followed.

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