From the Archdeacon's Registry 1664.

Document No. 90.



I, Samuell Robbinson doe pmise and sweare to owe and yeeld all lawful obedience, fidellity & Loyalty unto his majestie & doe acknowledge him to bee supreaime head of the church over all causes & psons boath Ecclesiasticall & civill & likwise fydellitye & Loyaltie to the Right honrbl the Lord of the Soyl and to be conform able to our church government as it is now enacted by his majesty in England as witness my hand the 25th of [. ] Samuel Robeson

[The integrity and patriotic conformity of the clerical schoolmaster was held of high account in the latter half of the 17th century when political and social institutions had received such shattering blows and when, as ever, the old men saw the world tumbling about their ears. The following is a footnote to S.R.'s oath :]


Mr Bradly for teachinge schoole without the lord Bishop licence and contrary- to the Act of Union and Cannons of the Church.

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