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To ye Rt Reverend ye Lord Bopp. of this Isle.

The humble Peticon of Jon Wattleworth senier of Ramsey.

In all humbly sheuwing: How yt according to yo order of your Lordship, &c., your peticoner is committed to Peel Castle there to remaine 7 dayes ye wch Censure he acknowledges to be justly inflicted ffor (to his unspeakable sorrow) being guilty of ye ffoule & vile sin of ffornication

Now may it please your Lordship, In regarde yl one of ye Cheiffe ffaires in this Isle is on next Munday at K. Christe [Lezayre] where your peticoner's absence will not only be disapointmt to himselfe but . . . . . who hath some concerns with . . . . ass alsoe your peticoner whose house and ffamilly now wholely depends upon his managemt, haveing not had ye least linite beffore giveing upon slight obedience to ye sd order & Sumner's charge; soe ass to, order his smalle affaires dureing hiss imprisonm', your Lordship may be graciously pleast to grant hiss releasemt, he (iff your Lordship doe not thinke ffitt to remit ye same) obleidgeing to return ye next week to ye sd prisson & there remaine ye rest off ye dayes unperformed. This granted he ass in duty bound shall ever pray.

Captain Stevenson

I am sensible y` to a Person of Captain Wattleworth's Import it may be of much prejudice to him to be confin'd upon the Fair Day, & I do not desire any man's Hurt; Therefore if you please to take his Bonds this evening according to Order of Court, & to discharge him of his Imprisonment either late to morrow night or as early as you please on Monday morning, it will both answer his desires & the Decency wch is due to ye Ecclesiastical Courts, for doing of wch this will be sufficient. From yr affecte f riend

Tho : Sodor & Man.

May 18, 1706 .

Know all men by these p : sents yt I Hen Wattleworth of ye Towne of Peele; and Jon Wattleworth of Ballamore in ye Parrish of KK Pattrick, doe by these p :sents buinde our selves in ye penalty of three pounds finde for ye use of yo Honble Lord of this Isle if ye within Peticoner shall answer accordinge to ye Sensure of the Ecclesiastical Courte, as witnesse our hands this 18th day of May 1706.

Henry Watleworth. John Watleworth. Before me Jon Stevenson.

The above John Wattleworth was Captain of the Parish of Kirk Christ Lezayre in 1700. He owned part of the quarterland of Ballastowell in Kirk Maughold ; also a house and gardens at the Cross at Ramsey, and a portion of the curragh belonging to Kerrowmore. It would appear from the bonds of Henry and John Watleworth, his kinsmen, that the petitioner had to complete the seven days imprisonment in the Bishop's Prison at Peel Castle.

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