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Ex Rotul

Insul Monae.

Rotul Cur Plitor Infra Insul Mann serzrient pro uno ad Integro finient ad f stu Scti Michaell Archangell in anno Dni 1609, page 28.

A Court of Pleas holden at Holmtoune the 2tn of Octobr Ao Dni 1609: for and in the names of the Right Honorable Lord Roberte Earl of Salisbury Lord High Treasurer of England and Thomas Earle of Suffolk Lord High Chamberlaine of England by reason of their Interest in the State & Government of this Isle and Houses for tearme of certain years to come from his Royal Matie; before John Ireland Esquire Liuetenante and Capten under the said Earles and before Wm Lucas & Wm Radcliffe Receavrs, Thomas Sansbury & Ewan Christin Deemsters.

It is manifestlie proved in this Court that one John Cotter of the parish of KK German Did before he with his fellowes were called to Deliver their verdict, disclose his fellowes Counsell & acquainted one of the parties with their intended answere & agreement. Therefor the Liuetenante by & with consent of the whole Court for punishment of the sd Cotter according to the quality of his Desert & for Example of others hereafter, hath appointed him to be punished in the Stocks for three dayes, and in the night tyme to remayne in prison within the Peele. And during the tyme of his said punishment to weare a paper upon his head signifying the Cause of his punishment, and also that never hereafter be he accepted, holden, Deputed or taken worthy to be of any Jurie. Nor his witness to be of force nor allowed in any matter whatsoever.

12 July 1729 - Vera Copia Exam p Wm Stonier Cl. Rotul.

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