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Document No. 82. Lib: Caus : p. 1680.



at Bops Court the 21 Day of October, 1680, there appeared.

Sr Cha : Parr Parson of Ballaugh
Mr Thom : Allen Vicar of K Maugholl
Sr Wm: Crow Viccar of Jurby
Sr Thomas: Thwaits Vicar of K Lonan
Mr Thomas Robinson Viccar of K Conchan
Sr Patt : Thompson Viccar of K Braddan
Mr Robt. Fletcher, Viccar of K Marown
Sr Hugh: Coshnahan Vicar of K Santan
Mr Sam: Robinson Viccar of K Arbory
Mr Richard Thompson Viccar of K Christ Rushen
Mr Sam: Wattleworth Vicar of K Patt
Sr John Woods Viccar of K German
Mr Edward Nelson Viccar of K Michell. Memorandum.

This 21st Day of Octob : 1680, The Clergy of the Isle of Mann were Convented by Henry Lord Bop of Mann to consult with the said Bop about the Discovery and Distribution of the Kings Augmentation and the Moneys due out of the Impropriations, ever since the first Purchase of them in 1664, and because Mr Samuel Wattle-worth and Mr Thomas Robinson are pretty well acquainted with the Concernes thereof, and are not farre distant from the officers, with whom they are to negotiate this Affayre; Therefore ye said Clergy with the Consent of the said Bop, have unanimously elected them two to Solicit this business and to report their pceedings every 21 day of the Month till this Affayre be brought to a good Conclusion; and for their paines have agreed they shall be recompensed at ye discretion of the said Bop out of the said Moneys, when it is received. As witness our Hands hereunto subscribed the day and year above written.

Henric. Sodorens.

Note. - The Bishop was Henry Bridgman 1671-1682.

It is also joyntly assented and consented unto by the Bop and all ye Clergy whose names are hereunto subscribed, that since the Doctrine & Rights of the Church cannot be preserved with-out the due Exercise of Discipline, nor that be commodiously dispensed in this Isle without keeping Courts in several] Towns Churches & places thereof, which must necessarily occasion Expence, that the Vicars Generall for the time being shall be allowed three pounds a peece-yearly and every year out of the Impropriation Money during their officiating, And their Suc-cessors likewise as witness our Subscriptions.

Hen : Sodorens Tho : Thwaites

Charles Parr Hugh Cosnahan

Tho : Robinson John Woods

P. Thompson Wm. Crowe

Sam: Robinson Edward Nelson

Sam: Wattleworth Richd. Thompson

Tho : Allen Robert Ffletcher Annex'd to the Ramsey Peticon, in behalf of Mrs. Hannah Bennett.

April 19th, 1681. - Haveing mett this day at Peel and having considered the necessity of a petty Schoole in Ramsey ; Wee the Worpl. Richard Stevenson Esqr Deputy Governor of this Island in behalfe of our Honrble Lo : of this Isle, Henery by Divine permission Lo: Bop for and in behalfe of himselfe, & Edward Christian Esqr and one of the judges of this Isle for and in behalfe of Dr Urqueheart Archdeacon doe think fit and soe doe order for the Maintenance of the said Schoole, and Encouragem' of the peticonr that from Easter in the year last past 1680 she the said peticonr shall receive yearly out of the Impropriations of this Island, purchased as well for the Maintenance of petty Schooles as the advancem' of the Clergy, the full and just Sume of ffourty shills dureing her dilligent Continuance of her employm' or untill we see just and reasonable Cause to revoke this our Order; And that ye same be duly paid, wee require Sr Thomas Parr, in whose hands the profitts of the purchased impropriacon of KK Malew does remaine, that he give due observance to this our Order, as he shall answer subpoena juris, or upon his Refusal, the Collectors appointed by the Clergy (and allowed of by us) to receive the proffits of all the purchased Impropriatons of this Island, shall pay the sd Sume of fourty shillings yearly to the peticonr as it shall become due to her out of the Sumes of Money they shall receive for the use intended by the Benefactors for which this shall be their sufficient Discharge and Warrant. Datt ut supra.

Richard Stevenson. Hen: Sodorensis. Edw : Christian. Copia vera Originat irrotulat p me Jonem Parr, Epi Regrium.

Exa. p me J. Woods, Reg. Ep.

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