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At Castle Rushen the 20th May 1736. The matter touching the Seizure of severall parcells of Brandy lately made at Douglas for not being entered, coming on this day to be heard in presence of the officers of ye Customs and of the Merchts who owned the sd Brandy, vizt Mr Phillip Moor Junr, Mr. Geo Moor, Mr James Gell for himself & partners, Mr. Tho. Arthur & others. And upon hearing of the same & reading of the two annext peticons preferred by the sd James Gell for himself & partners and the sd Geo Moor & Thomas Arthur; The sd merchts who are Deffts in this Cause did in stead of coming on to a Tryale of the sd Seizure decline the same in Court & acknowledged that in strictness of Law the sd Brandy was a regular Seizure for want of being Entered, & so submitted to the same without further Tryale.

And the Court having thereupon Enquired into the quantity of Brandy so seized as aforesd it appears to consist of fourty four pieces of the parcell Landed by the sd Phill Moor over and above what he Entered, Vizt. 16 pieces & an ullage in his own Cellar; 6 pieces in Phill Vinches Cellar; & 21 in Mr. Murrey's Cellar according to ye Ace' taken thereof; And likewise of 13 pieces & two Ullages of the parcell Landed by the sd Thomas Arthur over & above what he Entered according to the sd Act; All wch amounting to 56 pieces of Brandy & 3 Ullages This Court doth upon the sd Submission of the Deffts Declare adjudge & Decree to be a lawfull Seizure.

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