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Whereas I Capt. Paul Bridson of Douglas do hereby acknowledge that there were Eighteen Barrells of Gun powder consigned and comitted to my Care on the 27th Dec. 1758 for and on acct of Messrs Richd Townsend & Co., Merchts in Liverpool. And that on the 4th Apl. following and last pass Ten of the sd Barrels were shipped on board the Jane Capt Daniel Hays Master bound for the Coast of Guiney. And I do further own and acknowledge that the remaining Eight Barrels continued and is in my Custody And Whereas I am pursuant to the Order of his most sacred Majesty in Council by Nathan Carrington Esqr one of his sd Majesty's Messenger required to detain the same in my hands till further order from his sd Majesty And to grant my obligation to restore and give an Account of the same if thereunto required within the space of Six Months. Therefore I the sd Paul Bridson do hereby oblige Myself my heirs Exors and Admors that I will within the Term of Six Months from the Date hereof retain and keep the said Eight Barrels of powder in my hands And that I will Deliver the same to the Order of his said Majesty or any of his Secretarys or other person lawfully authorized f6r that purpose As Witness my hand this 28 May 1759.

PAUL BRIDSON. Signed and Delivered by the sd

Capt. Paul Bridson Before me Basil Cochrane Governor of the Isle of Man.

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